Saturday morning notes from the arctic circle

Posted: January 25, 2014 by jmklee in Uncategorized

Should I start to be worried?  When I woke this morning and took a look the back window this is what I saw.



Probably should wait a bit before letting the pug out.

Last nights Pacer game is probably filed under the while you were sleeping tab.  I really have mixed emotions about this one.  At first glance you see that the Blue & Gold pulled off a overtime win in the middle of a west coast road trip and think a win is a win, especially on a trip like this one.  The other side of it is the Pacers, a team that prides themselves on defense has not played any D for about a week.  This is also coming against teams in the Suns and Kings and are not a full strength.  The Kings did all that damage last night without their best player, Demarcus Cousins.  But as I said first a win is a win and in the grind of January basketball they all count the same.  Kinda helped also when you are getting calls like this one.

Pacers fans sure can’t argue that they don’t get calls on that play.  Kinda reminds me of this dagger from LJ.


College basketball is inching closer to March and if you listened to the latest podcast then you know that Nick D and I laid out the list of teams that we feel have what it takes to potentially win a title this year.

Arizona, Syracuse, Michigan St., Kansas, Florida, and Kentucky

If you missed the podcast, and we know who you are, here it is.

You can also subscribe here on iTunes.


Yesterday, I tweeted out the following question.

Is there anything more worthless than the Pro Bowl?  Well, the answer is yes and I have found it.


The Indy Eleven professional soccer team wants state assistance to help it build an 18,500-seat, multi-purpose stadium in downtown Indianapolis with a projected construction cost of $87 million.

Yep, you heard that right.  A team that has never played a game wants the city to assist in building a $87 million stadium.  If this gets any traction at all then I quit.  What is next?  Are the Fever going to want the Pacers to subsidize their existence.  Oh wait.

Well stay warm out there and if you are looking for something to do this weekend there is always a great high school basketball game not far away.  Easily the best value in all of sports.




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