Time to stick the fork in the 2013-14 Kentucky Wildcats

Posted: January 29, 2014 by jmklee in Uncategorized

Last night something happened at LSU that almost every rational fan must face at some time during a season.  The fact that their favorite team does not have what it takes to win a title.  It does not mean that the season is lost or there are not fun games ahead but in your heart you realize this team you love is not going to hang that banner.  

In my case that happened last night while I watched my beloved Kentucky Wildcats get out worked and out played for 40 minutes.  As I wrote earlier in the year this team does not have a leader but I thought they were finding one.  That obviously was not the case.  Your leader does not have to be the best player on the team but it has to be a player that is good enough to log quality minutes. It can not be a walk on from Nicholasville, KY.


Looks like I am not the only one to come to this conclusion last night.  Here is Cal’s comments following the game.


Can this team turn it around?  Yes

Can this team make a run in March?  Yes

Can this team win title #9?  Not a chance in hell


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