Super Bowl Preview

Posted: January 31, 2014 by rebels89 in Uncategorized

Ok, I’m back. After writing an article called “Why we love the NFL” back in September for this esteemed blog, I have been on hiatus. I am back to give a Super Bowl preview.

Before doing so, I want to draw attention to what I wrote back in September. “However, I am going Broncos – Seahawks for the Super Bowl.” Then I predicted, “Broncos edge Seahawks in a Snow Bowl Super Bowl 17-14.” I predicted the Super Bowl participants! I might have predicted the weather forecast, too.

Now after that showing you all what a good prognosticator I am, I am going to break this down for you. As noted before, I am a lifelong Broncos fan and watched every one of their games.

Bronco offense vs. Seattle defense

Mano a Mano, Big on Big, Good on Good. This is what everyone is waiting to see. The number one offense in the NFL versus the number one defense in the NFL. The Denver offense is not just the number one offense in the NFL this season, but the number one scoring offense in NFL history scoring over 600 points (38 per game). The Broncos had five different players with 10 plus TD’s this year. That is staggering.

The Seattle defense is led by their Legion of Boom (AKA LOB) secondary. They have length, aggressiveness, and the bravado to tell you about it. Their front seven are no slouches either. They led the League in multiple defensive statistics including giving up only 14 points per game. They play tons of man to man defense which can disrupt precision passing games. They are also stout against the run.

The Broncos are going to attack an opponent’s weak spots. Seattle does not have a lot of weaknesses. However, I think Denver is going to throw a lot to Demaryius Thomas. He will line up on his customary left side opposite of Byron Maxwell. Manning will stay away from Decker who will be lined up against the loquacious Richard Sherman. I also look for Knowshon Moreno to have a big game especially catching passes out of the backfield. Tight end Julius Thomas could be a wild card especially on some deep routes.

One thing has been overlooked. The Seattle defense has played exactly one top ten scoring offense the entire season. That was the Colts who were number ten. We all know how that game ended. The only top flight QB that they have faced was Brees (I don’t include Kaepernick). Both games were in Seattle and for some reason the Saints did not run a no huddle fast break offense. Also, New Orleans offense relies on TE’s and RB’s and their WR’s are below average.

Bronco offense vs. Seattle defense

The Bronco defense has really come around the last four or five games of the season. They have virtually shut down their first two playoff opponents in the first three quarters. They have been stout against the run all year only allowing one 100 yard rusher (Ryan Matthews of SD). This is impressive as they have lost multiple starters to the IR including stud Von Miller.

The Seattle offense is led by Beast Mode Marshawn Lynch. He may not want to talk much but he is a bad man. Even causing Seattle fans to create a small earthquake with his amazing run against the Saints a few years ago. Russell Wilson has been struggling as of late. However, he is always good for a few big plays where he scrambles around.

The Seattle receivers are average at best which is why it was absolutely hilarious that Sherman would call Michael Crabtree “mediocre”. Crabtree would be the best receiver on Seattle (sans the injured Percy Harvin). Harvin coming back could be a big shot in the arm if he is healthy. I could see the Seahawks utilizing some read option early in the game.

The Seattle line is good at tackle but can be leaky up the middle. That could be bad news for Seattle as Terrance Knighton (AKA Pot Roast) has been playing off the charts not only stopping the run but getting a big sack against Brady in the AFC Championship. Champ Bailey is fighting Father Time but came up big against the Patriots. Shaun Phillips led the team in sacks and could get a few more this weekend.

Special Teams / Coaching

Both teams have really solid kicking games. Matt Prater broke the NFL record for longest field goals this year. However, the game is at sea level and Prater is been battling the flu. Denver’s coverage units have been below average and Seattle will have an advantage if Prater cannot kick the ball out of the endzone.

I see the coaching matchup as even. Carroll has done a good job of coaching up his players. Wilson, Sherman, Lynch et. al were either low draft picks or cast offs from other teams. Fox will never get credit as long as Manning it there. Denver was devastated with key injuries, including losing three O line starters to the IR plus lost a starting corner, DL and Von Miller. Plus, Fox himself keeled over with a heart problem on a golf course in Charlotte.

Carroll may be a good coach, but he is the ultimate weasel. He left USC right before they got put on probation for his running an outlaw program. Now since he has been at Seattle, they have had six players test positive for PED’s including Richard Sherman. Sherman got lucky that his test was thrown out on a technicality. Maybe Sherman should have told Erin Andrews that he was the best drug cheat in the NFL.


The weather looks like it is going to be in the 40’s at kickoff and the 20’s by the end of the game. It also looks like light winds. This favors Denver. Also, the game is not in Seattle where the ‘Hawks take their D to another level. Seattle plays good, not great, outside of their venue. The officiating is going to be key. If the refs allow a lot of contact like they have in the playoffs, that obviously favors Seattle. However, one thing overlooked is that the Broncos receivers, except Welker, are big. Finally, today is the beginning of Chinese New Year. It is the Year of the Horse!


If the Seahawks get several takeaways they could spring the upset. However, I am going to stay with my original prediction of Broncos 17-14, but scoring TD’s in the redzone could produce a double digit Bronco win.

Go Horse!!!!!





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