9 random questions that need answers, Key West edition

Posted: February 3, 2014 by jmklee in Uncategorized


Well I’m back from the Southernmost Point and only think I took a couple of years off my life.  Hell, those are years I would probably be wearing a diaper anyway so the weekend was probably worth it.  While Mrs. BDS and I were away with friends we drank more rum than the crew of the Queen Anne’s Revenge and came up with many important questions that the world must answer.


1.  How much should you pay to party with the girls at the south end of Duval street?  

Not sure what the price should be but I can tell you $300 is more than most is willing to pay.

2.  What is the best American band of all time?

This one is still being debated but here are the bands most given as answers.

The Beach Boys, REM, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Bruce and the E Street Band, Pearl Jam, Metallica, The Grateful Dead, The Eagles and The Black Crows.  I know many of you are yelling out band names right now so let us know you favorites.

By the way, someone on the beach said the Indigo Girls and I threw up in my mouth.


3.  Who should replace Roy Orbison and George Harrison in the Traveling Wilburys?

Eric Clapton and Dwight Yoakam is the correct answer.

4.  Is the Seattle defense the best of all time?

I said not a chance and got no resistance after throwing out Baltimore’s and Chicago’s Super Bowl winning defenses. After last night performance though they probably would have gotten some more consideration from the Pina Colada gallery.


5.  How many beers can you drink on a bus from Ft. Lauderdale to Key West?

The correct answer is 13.

4 Blue Moons, 3 Yuenglings, 3 Amstel Lights and 3 Michelob Ultras.

6.  Should you pay the $8 to get the wi-fi on the plane so Mrs. BDS can watch Gossip Girl?

No, Netflix could not download the file.


7.  How much is a pedicab from Sloppy Joe’s to the Casa Marina hotel?

If you are as cool as my wife and I it is only $20 and they guy will give you his last cigarette.  If your someone else it will cost you $34.

8.  If the Pope ever killed a stripper what rock star would he be like?

The answer is an easy one.  Bob Seger.

You can make a life time of good decisions (good music) but kill one stripper (make the song Old Time Rock and Roll) and all we remember is that one mistake.


9.  What is the worlds most majestic bird?

The Pelican, no doubt about it.








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