5 reasons why I hope Tommy Crean never leaves Indiana

Posted: February 15, 2014 by jmklee in Uncategorized


1.   He is damn near a .500 coach

That is right.  Coach Crean has a record at Indiana of 98-93.  That makes guys like Billy Gillispie look sober.  Hell, Billy G’s record at Kentucky was 40-27 in his two years at Kentucky and we wanted to run him out on a rail. What does Indiana do when they find a .500 coach?  Give him an extension though 2020.

2.  Since coming to IU Crean has taken the Hoosiers to the NCAA Tournament only twice.  

Six years and only two trips to the Big Dance.  Nothing like going to the tournament once every 3 years.

3.  Can you imagine how good Indiana would be if they had a real coach that could keep the top talent in state every year?

Do you think IU would suck so bad if one of these guys were the coach?

images-231 images-232 Unknown-294

4.  Under Crean Indiana is 4-6 against Purdue

Now I am not a huge Purdue fan but this guy can has made it where Indiana fans can not even talk about how they are the best team in the state any more.

5.  Who would we non-IU fans kick around?

For the love of God he cut down the nets after a loss , tongue kisses his son, creeps on recruits and has the worst hair cut than Sinead O’Connor.



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