Is it Spring Yet?

Posted: February 22, 2014 by jmklee in Uncategorized


Well good morning and Happy Weekend.  Have I said how ready I am for Spring yet.  Oh, so I have.  Well, there are some signs that it is coming.  (No, the cold ice and rain coupled by the furnace deciding to not work is not one of those signs.)

1.   College coaches are starting to get nervous and positioning their team for seeding.

This is no more evident than the comment made by Michigan State coach, Tom Izzo last night.

Screen Shot 2014-02-22 at 6.55.57 AM


This is a statement made by a coach that is starting to get a tad nervous about March.  Is his team going to be healthy?  Is the selection committee going to take health into consideration?

Izzo is too smart to reply that way and if it was any other time of the year the answer would been much closer to what Crash Davis taught him.


2.   College baseball has started!

It’s that time of year that college players finally get out of the gym and indoor cage to travel south and start the baseball season.  I was getting live text reports from the Notre Dame vs Gonzaga game yesterday from San Antonio, TX doing the following tournament.




3.   High school basketball state tournament is right around the corner.



I know everyone says that it snows during Sectional week.  I am just hoping it is the last snow of the year.  This Sunday is the drawing with the brackets being released at 3:30 pm with Sectionals starting March 4th.  You can watch the bracket show live on the following channels.

Video Provider FOX Sports Indiana
SD channel
FOX Sports Indiana
HD channel
AT&T U-verse 748 or 749 1748 or 1749
Auburn Essential Services 80 80
Bright House-Indianapolis 47 or 64 747 or 1411
Cinergy-Metronet 28, 29 or 30 828, 829 or 830
Comcast-Fort Wayne 8 1652
Comcast-Indianapolis/Shelbyville 28 or 44 1673
DirecTV 671 671-1
Dish 418 418
Frontier FIOS 1526 1526
Mediacom-Auburn 17 732
New Wave-Greencastle/Vincennes 34 210
NineStar Connect 31 931
Time Warner-Evansville 47 929
Time Warner-Newburgh 37
Time Warner-Terre Haute 36
WOW 31 828



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