The good the bad and the ugly

Posted: March 8, 2014 by jmklee in Uncategorized



The Good – Louisville Cardinals



As much as this one hurts to say even I can not deny the truth.  Rick Pitino is back on top of the Battle of the Bluegrass and have the Cards primed to defend their title.  Two months ago this same team lost to in state rival Kentucky and lost their best inside player in Chane Behanan but since then they have never looked back.  Without the distractions of Behanan and the improved play of Montrezl Harrell, Pitino seems to be pushing on the right buttons and has this team all going in the right direction.

The Bad – Indiana Hoosiers



Yes the Hoosiers have not given up.  Yes the Hoosiers have won some big games this year.  Yes the Hoosiers almost pulled off another one today.  The truth though still remains that Indiana is not a very good basketball team.  I do think that no matter what side of the Crean argument you fall everyone has to give credit to the fact that he has never seemed to lose this team or any team up to this point.  The kids seem to enjoy playing for Tommy but this team is so up and down and if Noah makes the jump to the Association next year does not seem to be any better.

The Ugly – Kentucky Wildcats




Looking back it is obvious that everyone was crazy for ranking the Cats preseason #1.  The recruiting class was ranked off the charts and everyone believed Cal could recreate the magic of two years ago but that just has not happened.  This team is not horrible, the last two weeks might say different, but they are not a team that will see the 2nd weekend of the tournament.  I said early in the year that this was a team without a leader and a point guard and neither have developed through the year.  Cal has been teetering on the edge of losing his mind all year and it might not be getting better this year or next.  Cal has never won without a dominate point guard and lost the best one in the country next year to the old man down in Texas.





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