What was life like before One Shining Moment?

Posted: March 11, 2014 by jmklee in Uncategorized

Have you ever wondered what the world was like before one of the greatest moments in college sports?  You know before David Barrett shared the greatest song of all time with all of us, One Shining Moment.  Well it wasn’t great, kinda reminds me of the land Mad Max lived in. Judge for yourself.



I told you it was scary.  Nothing but nut huggers and Christopher Cross.



But luckily David wrote such a beautiful song and let the likes of Teddy and Luther (lets not discus Jennifer Hudson and the 2010 version) sing that sound that make angels cry.  OK I might be the only one crying but what can I say, it gets me every year.

1987 was the first year CBS used the song and the last year IU cut down the nets.  (Sweet Jesus Indiana)



The graphics and video quality as come a long way over the years but the song remains the same.



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