Kentucky fans are coming to town, let the craziness begin.

Posted: March 25, 2014 by jmklee in Uncategorized

When fan bases are large and passionate you always have the good and the bad.  You always have your normal good fans that cheer with respect and the bottom 10% that make the rest look like idiots.  But those two types of fans are not what makes life interesting.  It is that group of fans that just make you shake your head and laugh.  You know them, those crazy fans that just are not right.  That takes fandom that one extra step or just to another level.  Well Indy get ready because other than maybe Alabama football fans there is no group crazier than the fans of the Big Blue Nation.

Here are some examples of what and who is coming to town this week.

Happy As A Lark Cake Creations delivered this bouquet of UK cake pops.



Pretty impressive but I know, not the craziest.

Know you might have seen these four guys from a post last week but it is worth another look.


I showed you that again so I can show you this.  There is a guy that calls into the daily radio show, Kentucky Sports Radio, and pretends to be everyone’s favorite purple dinosaur.  FakeBarneyKSR (@FakeBarneyKSR) called into the show and gave his addition to the song above.


Yep, that just happened and it actually happens a lot on the KSR call in show.  These people are crazy.  They make cereal art of unibrows.


They drink from 3-goggles


They burn couches


and get crazy tattoos.


(Maybe that guy might not be so crazy in a couple weeks.)

They think a public university should concentrate more on the history of basketball than research studies.


Best of all they make crazy videos making fun of Louisville.


So make sure you lock up your bourbon cabinets because the Big Blue Nation is coming to town and are bringing their tomfoolery with them.






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