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Jimmy Fallon keeps showing why he is the new king of late night in my mind.  This bit with the beautiful Emma Stone is not only easy on the eyes but one of the funniest things I have seen in a while.


BDS has obtained exclusive video of a meeting Adam Silver had with Donald Sterling before todays presser.


I for one didn’t think David Silver’s dad had it in him.  (That is David’s dad right?)  But I am glad that he did.  Let me first say that I am sick and tired of hearing booger eating morons out there talking about freedom of speech.  You are to stupid to begin explaining why you are wrong, but there are for sure some lessons to be learned here.

The more important you are the more you need to watch your words.  Look, when you dig ditches or run a blog viewed by 10s of people you can ask your toothless girlfriend to not bring black guys over to the next MMA night and no one cares.  But when you own half of LA and own a NBA team then guess what?  People will react and it is naive to think other wise.  Today the NBA didn’t make a social decision, it make a financial decision and a very good one at that.  It would have been negligent and unfair to the rest of the players, coaches, vendors and anyone else involved in the Association to not body slam this ass hat.

When your are 80 and your girlfriend is 28 then she is only in it for the money.  Guys, stop thinking that she is really into you.  She is not.  What she is into are the things that she thinks you will buy her.  In Sterling’s case it appeared those BJs cost him $1.6 million to her, 2.5 million to the NBA and the Clippers.  I hope he enjoyed it.

If you are willing to throw everything away for a piece of ass, make sure she isn’t really a man.  


Come on, I can’t be the only one out there that thinks that the V. stands for Victor.


If she isn’t a man then at least you have to admit she has a pretty big set of balls to set this guy up, record it, probably attempt to blackmail him and then burn his ass in public.



Hawks name MVP

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She played 0 minutes, scored 0 points and pulled down 0 boards but there  was no one more important for the Hawks in this series.

Anyone have an extinguisher?

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A BDS contributor sent this photo from Bloomington of the Indiana basketball program.



What are the odds that Tommy Crean just doesn’t come home from the recruiting trip?

Roy Hibbert was rumored to sent a thank you card to Yogi for taking a bit of the heat off him today.


We’re back

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What a day for the Big Blue Nation! I feel like this..


While the rest of college basketball is like this…


Boy the bourbon is going to taste good tomorrow!

Don’t worry Larry, It’s Friday!

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So as Pacer fans all over parts of Central Indiana and scattered around Southern Indiana are waking up today with a big game 3 hangover this guy is getting geared up for a very big weekend.

This week I turned 40 and Mrs. BDS is treating myself to a weekend in the Commonwealth of bourbon and horses.  We will be taking in a Bourbon Trail tour and opening night events at Churchill Downs.  Can’t wait!  I hope to have some great pictures to share.  Growing up I have always viewed 40 as full blown adult but I really don’t feel very different.  I have run through a list of things in my head wondering if I should still enjoy as much as I do know that I am 40.  You know things like, Nicki Minaj music, chewy spree, the movie Pitch Perfect (please tell me they are still making another one) and waiting with bated breath if 18 and 19-year-old kids are going to the NBA.

Speaking of the last one, I really think the twins are just messing with us now.  I really get the feeling that they are coming back but NO ONE really knows out side of the family.  Aaron and Andrew went through a lot this past year, both good and bad.  They were without a doubt the lightning rod for Big Blue Nations ups and downs this season.  I think in that passive aggressive way the twins are enjoying watching us all squirm a bit.  All I know is if they don’t decide soon I am going to get a serious case of Nintendo thumb checking my  twitter.


The Cats are going to be good either way but it sure would be fun if they came back next year.  The thing it will mean the most for UK though is not just next years team but it will have a huge impact on the following year too.  One would think it would affect any decision the incoming McD’s All American’s might have next year. With Willie, Dakari and Alex coming back the perception of not being a One and Done will not be viewed as a bad thing.  I hope any kid in college makes the best decision for them and their family.  Not for the fans or coaches, for them.  Best of luck to the twins either way but PLEASE GIVE ME ONE MORE YEAR!!!!

Speaking of leaving early, seems Mitch McGary and Chane Behanan have something in common.

Has anyone else noticed since Bryan Price moved Joey Votto to the two hole the Reds have started playing so better baseball?  It sure is nice to have a manager that is willing to give some new ideas a try for  a long enough period to see if they actually work.  Plus he doesn’t wear those stupid wristbands.

Have a Happy Friday!


Random thoughts BDS style

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Since I have not been posting very often lately I have a bunch of random thoughts that I have to get off my chest.

  • Everyone outside of the Commonwealth of Kentucky mocked Cal when he stated that Kentucky didn’t play college basketball but they were college basketball.  Well guess what, they didn’t win the title and they are still the only team every sports writer that covers the sport are still writing about.  I have always said that baseball is better when the Yankees are in the mix and Kentucky is the Yankees of college basketball.
  • I am already sick of the NFL and all they have done is release their schedule.  If it is not a Bengals game I would much rather watch the college game than the NFL any day of the week.
  • I wish it was August so the NBA playoffs were over.
  • I really am enjoying the Peppa Pig phase the 4 year old is going through.


  • If you see a big smile on Cal’s face it is because he gets to play with his 7 ft. Willie and Johnson for another year.  You should see smile on Ellen’s face.
  • Have I said how much I hope this guy never leaves Indiana lately?  Well, Walt and I want him to stay forever.


  • I think Even Turner is either the dumbest or bravest person around.  Maybe I will wait a few days before I knock on Born Ready’s door to ask him to stop parking cars in the street.
  • Also, don’t tell Lance but I caught myself rooting for the Hawks last night.  Me and 5 people in Atlanta I’m sure were the only ones.
  • I love the thought that both Nerlens Noel and Julius Randle will both be at Hillbilly Days signing autographs.  True story.


  • Last but not least, Billy Hamilton is really fast.