Three big coming and goings for college basketball today

Posted: April 14, 2014 by jmklee in Uncategorized

Much like the winter meetings for baseball’s hot stove league this is week and next is the time of year that next years college basketball rosters will really take shape.  There were three huge announcements today that will shape next years season.

Let’s start with the local kid, Gary Harris.


The Hamilton Southeastern product has elected to enter this years NBA draft.  Many mock drafts have Harris going in the middle of the first round.  With good workouts Harris could find him self a lottery pick.

Moving one state south two big men thought to be entering the draft gave their fan base something to get excited about today.

Louisville’s Montrezl Harrell and Kentucky’s Willie Cauley-Stein both decided to stay in college for at least another year.

images-247     images-248

The two big men are sure to make good team coming back even better.  In Louisville’s case if they can find someone to step up and score some points they could see themselves back in the national title picture.  Wayne Blackshear could be that person and if he is the cards will be very tough.

Kentucky is a team that expected to be good next year but with WCS coming back they could be pick up where they left off next year.  The cats are looking to have one of the best front courts in basketball.  The real question for them will be the back court.  If the twins come back?????  Watch the F out.  While teams are out looking for quality bigs UK could have a front court rotation with the following…

Cauley-Stein     7-0

Johnson             7-0

Lee                      6-9

Poythress           6-8

Willis                   6-9

Lyles                   6-10

Towns                 7-0

If they can find a guard or two this team should be one that is fun for Cal to coach.

As we know Kentucky fans love to burn couches and make up horrible songs about their team.  With today’s news I thought it was a good time to dust this horrific ditty from the KSR show.



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