Breaking video of Silver – Sterling meeting.

Posted: April 29, 2014 by jmklee in Uncategorized

BDS has obtained exclusive video of a meeting Adam Silver had with Donald Sterling before todays presser.


I for one didn’t think David Silver’s dad had it in him.  (That is David’s dad right?)  But I am glad that he did.  Let me first say that I am sick and tired of hearing booger eating morons out there talking about freedom of speech.  You are to stupid to begin explaining why you are wrong, but there are for sure some lessons to be learned here.

The more important you are the more you need to watch your words.  Look, when you dig ditches or run a blog viewed by 10s of people you can ask your toothless girlfriend to not bring black guys over to the next MMA night and no one cares.  But when you own half of LA and own a NBA team then guess what?  People will react and it is naive to think other wise.  Today the NBA didn’t make a social decision, it make a financial decision and a very good one at that.  It would have been negligent and unfair to the rest of the players, coaches, vendors and anyone else involved in the Association to not body slam this ass hat.

When your are 80 and your girlfriend is 28 then she is only in it for the money.  Guys, stop thinking that she is really into you.  She is not.  What she is into are the things that she thinks you will buy her.  In Sterling’s case it appeared those BJs cost him $1.6 million to her, 2.5 million to the NBA and the Clippers.  I hope he enjoyed it.

If you are willing to throw everything away for a piece of ass, make sure she isn’t really a man.  


Come on, I can’t be the only one out there that thinks that the V. stands for Victor.


If she isn’t a man then at least you have to admit she has a pretty big set of balls to set this guy up, record it, probably attempt to blackmail him and then burn his ass in public.




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