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BackdoorSilder’s Who Wore it Better

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Every once in awhile, usually on a plane ride, I grab one of my wife’s gossip mags and one of the funniest things to me is the “Who Wore it Better” sections. If you are going to lie and say you don’t know what I am speaking of this is how it works. These mags take some bad outfit or revealing dress and show two women wearing it. The. They go on to make fun of one or both of them. Sooooo here you go, Who Wore it Better?


Now I understand the IU unis are what they were wearing to today’s practice and the White Sox wore them in actual games. I didn’t even notice the shorts at first but after Fro pointed it out I could not stop staring at them. I went out and found other schools practicing for the NCAA tournament today and all of them had pants on. You know Stanford and Indiana St. had their big boy pants on today, just saying.


The drive to the Sweet 16 continues

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Alright!  From the amount of voters making their voices heard from last nights 2nd round match ups I can tell you are enjoying the bracket so lets get to the next four 2nd round match ups.

Rudy vs The Godfather II

I love this scene not just because it is awesome but the young Vince Vaughn is great.



Almost Famous vs. Back to the Future



A Few Good Men vs. Airplane!



Moneyball vs. Fargo


Guess who’s on the rebound??????

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So there are two things that I am going to assume that you already know.

  1. Roy McIlroy broke up with Caroline Wozniacki.
  2. I love me some women tennis players.

Ok, we are all on the same page now and can get to the point at hand.  Some lucky SOB is going to be the rebound guy for Miss Wozniacki!!!  Not only is she fresh off of the break up but Roy was a real prick to when he broke it off.  Roy must have been at some Nike event with Tiger and got the bright idea to break off the engagement over the phone.  Thats right, a 3 minute phone call broke off an engagement where invitations to the wedding had already been sent.  We have not seen a break up like this since George Castanza was able to weasel his way out of his engagement.


All I have to say is someone gets to be the poor guy that she takes her anger and frustrations out on.




For the love of God, she will carry your golf bag too!!!!


The people have spoken and the first round is over leaving us with 32 movies that are hoping to get to the Sweet 16.  I want to thank all of you that have voted and keep sharing on Facebook and Twitter so we can find a true champion.

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 9.17.17 PM

As you know we tried to give you a very diversified field of 64 and there were some movies that were on the list that I had not seen myself but have on my summer Netflix list.  Do yourself a favor and check them out too if you have not seen them.  You will not regret it.  With that said onto the second round!

The Big Lebowski vs. The Empire Strikes Back

On one hand you have a Cohen Brother’s classic up against what I think is the best of all the Star Wars movies.  Plus The Empire Strikes Back is the first movie I ever saw in a movie theater.

In the second round, instead of the trailers we will see favorite clip from the movies.



Animal House vs. Tombstone



Star Wars vs The Shawshank Redemption



The Departed vs Stand By Me




I know many of you out there don’t pay much attention to baseball let alone college baseball but now is the time to start caring.  There are five teams within 100 miles of Central Indiana that are peppered with Indiana kids that start the road to Omaha this week.  Indiana will host a regional that also included the fighting trees of Indiana St.  Louisville will be hosting their own regional that included in state rival Kentucky who will bring an Indiana native, A J Reed, that should be National POY.  Just down I-74 Xavier will be heading to Nashville, TN to start their tournament run.  Not only do these teams have a great shot to get to Omaha but they all have kids from Indiana leading the way.

Indiana 42-13


Indiana HS players

Will Coursen-Carr (South Side, Fort Wayne)

Luke Cureton (Cathedral)

Craig Dedelow (Munster)

Dustin Demuth (LaPorte)

Scott Donley (Crown Point)

Brendan Flood (Cathedral)

Jake Kelzer (Bloomington South)

Will Nolden (Lawrence North)

Casey Smith (Bloomington North)

Demetrius Webb (North Central)

Kent Williams (Noblesville)


Indiana State 35-16



Indiana HS players

Austin Conway (Delta)

Landon Curry (Norwell)

Josh Dove (South Vigo)

Michael Eberle (North Vigo)

Mike Hammel (Cathedral)

Jacob Hayes (South Vigo)

Ryan Keaffaber (Northfield)

Kurt Kudrecki (Lake Central)

Kaden Lawson (South Vermillion)

Josh Negele (Crown Point)

Hunter Owen (Mater Dei)

John Patterson (Terre Haute North)

Tony Rosselli (North Vigo)

Tyler Wampler (West Vigo)

Jaff Zahn (Castle)


Kentucky 35-23


Indiana HS players

Zack Brown (Seymour)

Max Kuhn (Zionsville)

A.J. Reed (Terre Haute South) BTW this guy should be the National POY

Matt Reida (Western)


Xavier 29-27


Indiana HS players

Trent Astle (Jeffersonville)

Tres Eberhardt (Brebuet Jesuit)

Joe Forney (Bloomington South)

Andre Jernigan (Homestead)

Glen McClain (Freemont)

Alex Westrick (Zionsville)


Louisville 45-15


Indiana HS players

Alex Chittenden (Lawrence Central)

Jordan Striegel (New Albany)

Josh Rodgers (New Albany)

Jared Ruxer (Lawrence Central)



Alright, here are the last 8 match ups.  Make sure to let your voice be heard and vote, vote, vote.

The Bad News Bears vs. A Christmas Story

What we have here is the classic Kelly versus Ralphie battle.



The Godfather vs Easy A

Marlon Brando with cotton in his cheeks (no really) going against hot Emma Stone.



Goodfellas vs Pretty Persuasion



Caddyshack vs. The Great Escape



Clue vs The Natural



Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory vs. Forest Gump



Boyz in the Hood vs. Saving Private Ryan



JFK vs American Psycho



Indiana Football gets some love today

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For a coach trying to turn around a football program sometimes the hardest thing is getting your fan base to think about your program at times other than game day.  Well Coach Kevin Wilson sure got some help today from Mark Cuban.



Less than 100 days till football season!