Let’s take a ride in the Indiana Pacer way back machine

Posted: May 3, 2014 by jmklee in Uncategorized

The date was May 4, 2000.  JT was telling us to go Bye Bye Bye with the rest of the boys from ‘N Sync and Britney was not quite the white trash whore she is now.  (Ok, your right, she was always that way)


The heavily favored Indiana Pacers were pushed to an elimination game by the pesky Milwaukee Bucks.

So jump in the way back machine and let’s take a look.


OK, back to reality.  What are the major differences now and then.

  • Does Paul George have want it takes yet to put this Pacers team on his shoulder like Reggie did that day pouring in 41 points?
  • Everyone talks about the deep Pacer bench but when you compare it to the bench of Best, McKey, Croshere and Perkins it doesn’t seem as good.
  • Rik > Roy

With all of its shortcomings there is one huge thing this Pacers team has going for it.  It is not in the West.  With a win today the Pacers will host the Washington Wizards. (you like wizards or something)  I know the Wall, Beal and Nene are young hot and exciting to watch but come on.  They are not the Trail Blazers for the love of God.

Reality is this has turned into a very flawed team but there is not a team in the East that is without flaws.  With a win today the Pacers can finally move forward.  Would it be a big enough step forward to leave all the disfunction in the locker room behind?  Time will only tell but at least it would be a step in the right direction.


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