Pacer’s edition of, What If…

Posted: May 6, 2014 by jmklee in Uncategorized


You know how the ESPN 30 for 30’s start.  The narrator giving us a What If scenario that seems unbelievable.  Well how about this one?

What if I told you there was a NBA that was the best in the league at the All-Star break.  A team that seemed to play for each other and had all the components to make a run at the title.  What if I told you that same team imploded from the inside and by years end resembled one of the least cohesive teams in recent memory.

For weeks and then months we all scratched our head wondering what was wrong with this team.  Are they hurt or tired?  Do they miss Granger?  Is Bynum disruptive?  We all wondered but none of them really answered the questions.  Then the internet rumors started.  You know the ones that talk about cheating fiancés and threesomes gone wrong.  The ones that talk of a split locker room, hurt feelings and a loss of trust.  Well lets play the what if game.

What if Roy Hibbert’s fiancé/girlfriend/wife really did get it on with someone in the Pacer locker room other than Big Roy?

If this is true you can certainly see the problems that could come up and a lightning rod that could split a locker room, many thought was one of the tightest in the league, right down the middle.  But let’s take it another step.

Once again these are rumors and we are purely speculating but…

What if Roy is so pissed off that he is blinded by his feeling of betrayal that he does not want to be a part of this team any longer than he has to be and wants the season to end?

I know, you think that sounds crazy but lets take a look at Roy’s horrible 4th foul during Game 1.  Am I being crazy to think this is a guy that just does not want to be on the floor and possibly hurt the team on purpose?

What if the rest of the team thinks Roy is being a baby and is done with him?

This one seems to be correct no matter if you believe the rumors or not.  Take a look at what David West had to say after last nights game.  Plus not one player passed the ball to Roy at the post last night.  Not once did he get the ball.  That to me is a team that chooses to not pass the ball to Roy not by design.

What if Coach Vogel backs Roy in this locker feud and that is the reason he keeps playing him when Hibbert gives this team 0 points and 0 rebounds?

I know this one might sound even more far-fetched but why else is Vogel continuing to play him.  We know Frank is a smart man, we know he is a good coach but we have no answer to why he keeps playing him.  Maybe he thinks Roy is a good seed that is getting bullied by a locker room?  Maybe he wants to stand behind his guy?  Maybe he is willing to lose his job to do what he thinks is right?

What if the rumors are true and that is why Larry looks like he wants to cry?


Just for a second let’s think about this.  Larry takes a team that everyone hates and stops coming to see and builds them into title contenders.   Only to have it crashing down because guys on the team are butt hurt over women.  If any of this is true then I say the devil is cashing in on the deal that gave Larry the ability to win multiple MVP’s.  No GM in the history of the game has ever had to over come one of the worst brawls in league history and a team split apart by a team that could not keep it in it’s pants.

If the rumors are so far off then why in the middle of a playoff run when most teams circle the wagons and not let outside forces in do we see this.

Screen Shot 2014-05-06 at 9.29.03 PM

As soon as I saw this today I knew it was over no matter what is true.  The only thing I know for sure is this team is done and I believe they know it too.





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