So you admit you didn’t try last night?

Posted: May 14, 2014 by jmklee in Uncategorized


Doesn’t seem like every time this Pacer team loses any more we hear the same ole story the next day.  You know the one about them trying harder next time out.  Here is some quotes WTHR’s Rich Nye got at today’s practice.

“I thought they played harder than us,” said Pacers head coach Frank Vogel after practice Wednesday.

and this gem.

“I need to be aggressive, smart on defense,” said Hibbert. “I take responsibility for how I played (Tuesday) night. I need to bring more of an effort, more passion out there. We have another chance to close it out. It will be a different Roy than what you saw (Tuesday) night.”

Am I the only one sick of the excuses and expect a team in the playoffs to play hard and give effort every game?  I understand if shots don’t fall and I understand if the other team gets hot but when you get out played by Gru it is all about effort and attitude. (it sure would be nice to have a minion or two to come off the bench)

I say the Pacers either need to get their heads out of their asses or just roll over and die.  Is there really any reason to watch them play the Heat if they are only going to play hard for half the games?



  1. Fun Bobby says:

    In my opinion this is what is wrong with the NBA. Basically the players know they could/should play harder but because they have a two game lead they relax. It is not what I believe is championship mentality, but it might be good enough in today’s NBA. I believe there are two teams (Heat & Spurs) who have different ability levels and can get away with the relax mindset. The Pacers aren’t that good yet. OKC is a different animal because Durant is the best scorer in the league and is hungry to win a championship and not become the Barkley of his era. The Pacers need to “show up” every night, especially at home and show some respect to the people spending $$ at the game!


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