Guess who’s on the rebound??????

Posted: May 28, 2014 by jmklee in Uncategorized

So there are two things that I am going to assume that you already know.

  1. Roy McIlroy broke up with Caroline Wozniacki.
  2. I love me some women tennis players.

Ok, we are all on the same page now and can get to the point at hand.  Some lucky SOB is going to be the rebound guy for Miss Wozniacki!!!  Not only is she fresh off of the break up but Roy was a real prick to when he broke it off.  Roy must have been at some Nike event with Tiger and got the bright idea to break off the engagement over the phone.  Thats right, a 3 minute phone call broke off an engagement where invitations to the wedding had already been sent.  We have not seen a break up like this since George Castanza was able to weasel his way out of his engagement.


All I have to say is someone gets to be the poor guy that she takes her anger and frustrations out on.




For the love of God, she will carry your golf bag too!!!!



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