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Did anyone else think it was odd that the Hoosier Nation sure ate up the fact that Coach Cal told them what a good hire they made today?


From The Official Twitter Page of Indiana Men’s Basketball @IndianaMBB

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 8.13.57 PM


From Inside the Hall  and known Kentucky hater Alex Bozich

A native of the Bronx, Martin was the head coach at Marist from 2008 to 2013 and was also an assistant coach at Manhattan, Drexel, Massachusetts, St. John’s and Memphis, where he worked under John Calipari from 2006 to 2008.


From Zak Keefer of The Indianapolis Star

At one point, Martin cut straight to the point. He asked John Calipari what he’d do.

“Look, if you want to get back into the college game, Indiana is a special place,” Calipari told him. “This is a no-brainer for you.”

A blessing from Kentucky’s Calipari, for whom Martin worked as an assistant under at Memphis for two seasons, wasn’t what ultimately sold him on joining Tom Crean’s staff at Indiana. But it certainly played no small role.


“When he called me and asked me if I wanted to be a part of it, for me, it was a no-brainer,” said Martin, echoing Calipari’s thoughts. “I wanted to be a part of something special. And clearly Indiana and coach Crean are something special.

I hope Coach Clappy will sleep better tonight since he knows Cal approves of his hire.  Boy, I sure didn’t remember anyone discussing how Crean felt the Slice hire.



Pete Rose was in Indy this week doing what he does best, signing things.  I am not sure if me running across this cool 1969 TV special was due to that or not but check this out.  It is very neat to see Crosley Field.


Special shout out to fellow Flash, Valerie Rockey, who was once again highlighted on Fox’s So You Think You Can Dance.  Valerie moved forward to the final 20 tonight and continues to make us all so proud back here in Indy.  I would give you a recap but it was my turn to watch Peppa Pig with Luci so I will have to watch On Demand later but the rest of the family said that she was great.

Notre Dame announced today that it will play host to the Georgia Bulldogs in 2017 and will head between the hedges in 2019.


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I love the fact Notre Dame did not choose to join the Big 10 so they could continue to have to flexibility to bring us great match ups like this one.  I am already planning the 2019 trip to Athens.

Has anyone noticed that the Reds are above .500 and have been the hottest team in baseball lately?

I have to admit I am really enjoying the run being made by the US Men’s Soccer team in this World Cup.  I have watched more soccer during the past two weeks than I ever have and probably will till the next World Cup.  Either way it has been fun to follow during this dead sports period.


So am I the only one that is making up my own version of the US soccer chant?  I can’t be the only one walking around the house chanting, I believe that I can poop!  Or, I believe that we will brush our teeth!  Alright, it’s just me.

Is there anything less important in sports than the NBA draft?  I put it slightly ahead of the WNBA draft.  An average draft will only give you 3 or 4 players in the two rounds that will be impact guys.  The rest of them should just be picked out of a hat to make it more interesting.  I will probably watch like I always do but it just does not matter.


And then there were two

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We have finally made it to the finals of the Movie Bracket and we are left with two classics.  I bet I have seen each movie over 200 times over the years and can quote most of the movie word for word. (My Mom started to refuse to watch Star Wars with me because of it.)

So let get to it.  Our Finals match up is…

Star Wars vs Caddyshack



This is what it is all about

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The had a successful carnival 5th birthday party. Now dad can relax.


I ended up losing about 30 minuets of my life today after a friend posted a couple of the Jimmy Fallon bits where he has Brian Williams rapping.  I laugh every time I see these.  If you have never seen them before or just want to see them again, here you go.






Mr. Padre

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Tony Gwynn passed away yesterday, and I have been reading all the outpourings of emotion and reflections over the past 24 hours or so.  Time for me to add my recollections of Mr. Padre.

Gwynn was my favorite ballplayer growing up.  He remains the professional athlete that I admire most, and nobody will ever surpass him in my mind.  My feelings about Tony Gwynn are far from unique, other than the fact that I have lived in Indiana my whole life.  How does a kid in the 1980′s right in the middle of Reds/Cubs/Cardinals country, with all the cool stars of the 80′s to choose from, end up following Tony Gwynn and the San Diego Padres?

1984 was a great year, and I was 10 years old.  If you had cable TV, you got every Cubs game.  The Cubs were actually good in ’84, and people were going crazy, but I would have none of that nonsense.  It was so annoying to me to hear all this talk about everyone’s favorite team, the Cubs.  So as I read my weekly Sporting News and checked the standings and the box scores in the paper every day that summer, I began gravitating toward the Padres.  Maybe I was hoping they would be the team that could ruin the dream of the Cubs making it to the World Series.  That ’84 Padre team was a cool squad with Gossage, Garvey, Nettles, McReynolds, Kennedy, and of course this guy who was at the top of the list of batting averages in the paper every Sunday, Tony Gwynn.  I started collecting baseball cards, and instantly knew everything I needed to know about that whole Padre team.  I was hooked, and the new batting champ was my favorite by far.

I’ve watched replays of games 4 and 5 of that 84 NLCS many times.  It never gets old watching Garvey’s home run, but the line shot by Gwynn right before that moment is just classic hitting.  (  I remember thinking it was a robbery for Sandberg to win the 84 NL MVP.  I remember watching the 84 World Series.  Gwynn was my guy and the Padres were my team for life.

Over the years, I got to see Tony Gwynn play many times when the Padres came to Cincinnati, St. Louis, or Chicago.  My favorite trip though was to Pittsburgh in 1989 (or so I think it was 89).  I was the only kid in 3 Rivers with Padre gear on, and we got there for batting practice.  I found my way to right field where Gwynn was shagging fly balls and began yelling to get his attention.  It worked!  I asked him to throw up a ball, and sure enough he tossed one right up to me.  I then hollered down thanking him for signing a baseball card that I had dropped in the mail with a SASE and sent off to San Diego on a whim.  It of course came back a few months later with a legit Gwynn autograph.  He acknowledged me again.  What a great guy.  We had tickets to 2 games in that Pittsburgh series that year, but I didn’t dare bring my prized ball back the next night out of fear something might happen to it.  So, I went right back to work on the Padres in BP that next night, and Carmelo Martinez gave me another ball.  Then I saw Tony working the wall down by the visitor’s dugout signing autographs.  I was down there quickly, with the gift from Martinez in hand, and of course Gwynn took care of the only Padre fan in the mass of autograph seekers and signed that ball for me.  What a moment!

Fast forward to 2001.  Tony Gwynn had announced his plans to retire, and my dad was wise enough to know that we should go see him one more time.  My dad, my brother, and I went to Pittsburgh again.  The Pirates gave Tony a painting of the slide into home that won an All Star game in Pittsburgh and did a nice recognition.  I then got to see the last home run of his career and line drive double.  Now 27 years old and about to become a dad in couple months, I was just like a kid, convinced he got those hits just for me.

I was a Tony Gwynn fan because he could flat-out hit long before I knew what a great person he was.  I now appreciate that side of him as much as I do his hitting. He was everything a pro athlete should be both on and off the field.  There will never be another one like him, but it sure would be great if today’s generation of MLB stars tried to be like Tony.


AP Image

So the World Cup started last week and the United States won tonight in very exciting fashion.  The thing I bet I can count on one hand how many of my friends probably watched it.  (OK, OK, enough of the you only have a handful of friends to start out with.)  Well here are 10 reasons why you missed out if you didn’t watch tonight and why you should tune in Sunday for the game versus Portugal.

  1. You do not have to wake up in the middle of the night to watch it live.  Unlike the Winter Olympics in Russia, Brazil I am told is in this half of the world so the games are on times that make viewing much easier here in the States.  Tonights game was at 5:30 and Sunday’s game kicks off at 6pm.
  2. All the colors, pageantry and crazy fans makes it a great sport for HD TV.  The green grass, bright uniforms, flags and banners all seem to be brighter at the World Cup.
  3. Any chance to root for the good old U S of A is a good one.  I mean if we can get into figure skating and team handball every four years then why in the hell can’t we get into soccer.  I am not saying you need to start showing up at the Chatham Tap at 6am to watch the English Premier League for the love of God.  It’s just once every four years.
  4. What else are you going to watch?  Basketball and hockey is over, football has not started back yet and baseball is always here.  Plus your wife of girlfriend doesn’t know anything about it.  Just tell her you and the guys are going to to BWW’s to watch the game and they will just figure the Pacers are still playing.
  5. We are the underdog and everyone loves an underdog.  With tonight’s win the US is in position to make it out of the Group of Death.  If they can pull off a win on Sunday they will pretty much lock up a trip out of pool play.
  6. You do not need to be a soccer fan to enjoy and make memories.  On February 22, 1980 I was five years of age going on six.  I remember that my Dad was out of town so my Mom and I folded out the couch in the living room, like we often did when he was out of town, and made popcorn.  That night we watched the US vs. USSR Miracle on Ice.  It is one of my first sports memories and one I will never forget.  As Al Michaels reminded us we didn’t know the difference between a blue line and a clothes line but it didn’t matter.  That game is so close to my heart I own Miracle and the HBO documentary on DVD and make the girls watch it with me once every few months.


So it doesn’t matter if you are just looking for a reason to have a beer with the guys, you never know when you might witness something you will remember for a long time.