6 reasons why you should watch the World Cup

Posted: June 16, 2014 by jmklee in Uncategorized

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So the World Cup started last week and the United States won tonight in very exciting fashion.  The thing I bet I can count on one hand how many of my friends probably watched it.  (OK, OK, enough of the you only have a handful of friends to start out with.)  Well here are 10 reasons why you missed out if you didn’t watch tonight and why you should tune in Sunday for the game versus Portugal.

  1. You do not have to wake up in the middle of the night to watch it live.  Unlike the Winter Olympics in Russia, Brazil I am told is in this half of the world so the games are on times that make viewing much easier here in the States.  Tonights game was at 5:30 and Sunday’s game kicks off at 6pm.
  2. All the colors, pageantry and crazy fans makes it a great sport for HD TV.  The green grass, bright uniforms, flags and banners all seem to be brighter at the World Cup.
  3. Any chance to root for the good old U S of A is a good one.  I mean if we can get into figure skating and team handball every four years then why in the hell can’t we get into soccer.  I am not saying you need to start showing up at the Chatham Tap at 6am to watch the English Premier League for the love of God.  It’s just once every four years.
  4. What else are you going to watch?  Basketball and hockey is over, football has not started back yet and baseball is always here.  Plus your wife of girlfriend doesn’t know anything about it.  Just tell her you and the guys are going to to BWW’s to watch the game and they will just figure the Pacers are still playing.
  5. We are the underdog and everyone loves an underdog.  With tonight’s win the US is in position to make it out of the Group of Death.  If they can pull off a win on Sunday they will pretty much lock up a trip out of pool play.
  6. You do not need to be a soccer fan to enjoy and make memories.  On February 22, 1980 I was five years of age going on six.  I remember that my Dad was out of town so my Mom and I folded out the couch in the living room, like we often did when he was out of town, and made popcorn.  That night we watched the US vs. USSR Miracle on Ice.  It is one of my first sports memories and one I will never forget.  As Al Michaels reminded us we didn’t know the difference between a blue line and a clothes line but it didn’t matter.  That game is so close to my heart I own Miracle and the HBO documentary on DVD and make the girls watch it with me once every few months.


So it doesn’t matter if you are just looking for a reason to have a beer with the guys, you never know when you might witness something you will remember for a long time.


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