What does Charlie Hustle, So You Think You Can Dance, Ugga and me making up stupid chants have in common?

Posted: June 25, 2014 by jmklee in Uncategorized

Pete Rose was in Indy this week doing what he does best, signing things.  I am not sure if me running across this cool 1969 TV special was due to that or not but check this out.  It is very neat to see Crosley Field.


Special shout out to fellow Flash, Valerie Rockey, who was once again highlighted on Fox’s So You Think You Can Dance.  Valerie moved forward to the final 20 tonight and continues to make us all so proud back here in Indy.  I would give you a recap but it was my turn to watch Peppa Pig with Luci so I will have to watch On Demand later but the rest of the family said that she was great.

Notre Dame announced today that it will play host to the Georgia Bulldogs in 2017 and will head between the hedges in 2019.


SI Photos

I love the fact Notre Dame did not choose to join the Big 10 so they could continue to have to flexibility to bring us great match ups like this one.  I am already planning the 2019 trip to Athens.

Has anyone noticed that the Reds are above .500 and have been the hottest team in baseball lately?

I have to admit I am really enjoying the run being made by the US Men’s Soccer team in this World Cup.  I have watched more soccer during the past two weeks than I ever have and probably will till the next World Cup.  Either way it has been fun to follow during this dead sports period.


So am I the only one that is making up my own version of the US soccer chant?  I can’t be the only one walking around the house chanting, I believe that I can poop!  Or, I believe that we will brush our teeth!  Alright, it’s just me.

Is there anything less important in sports than the NBA draft?  I put it slightly ahead of the WNBA draft.  An average draft will only give you 3 or 4 players in the two rounds that will be impact guys.  The rest of them should just be picked out of a hat to make it more interesting.  I will probably watch like I always do but it just does not matter.



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