Tuesday is a day for new beginnings

Posted: July 1, 2014 by jmklee in Uncategorized



Let’s start with the new additions to the Big10 conference.  Maryland and Rutgers (John Hopkins Lacrosse only) join the Big10 officially today and the move is already paying off.  With the addition of these teams the Big10 has decided to finally admit defeat and drop the stupid Leaders and Legends names for the divisions.  The conference will go with the obvious choice of East and West.  Here is how they will be split up.




The Big10 were not the only conference to announce an addition today.  The ACC went slumming and officially added Louisville to its stable.


ACC, you realize you not only slept with Louisville but every conference Louisville has slept with before you.  Kentucky Intercollegiate Athletic Conference, Ohio Valley Conference, Missouri Valley Conference, Metro Conference, Conference USA, Big East Conference and the American Athletic Conference.  I really hope you used a condom.  Just saying.



BrdUWD2CEAE_ky8Speaking of the ACC, Notre Dame is officially an Under Armor school today making the switch from Adidas.  The pictures of the players and managers opening all the boxes of gear on twitter today looks like kids on Christmas morning.  Here is one picture of new cleats tweeted out.





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