I did something last night I never have before and you should too

Posted: July 3, 2014 by jmklee in Uncategorized

The summer is in full swing and I just realized as I was doing something last night that I had never done before and summer time is a great time to try new things.  The rest of the year we are so busy with holiday traditions, our favorite football and basketball teams and school (either you or the kids) it is easy to get into a routine.  With school being out and the sports world almost on hold it is a perfect time to branch out.

So far this summer I have looked forward to watching soccer on TV and watched So You Think You Can Dance followed up by voting online.  I’m on a roll, I might actually put on full football pads or get in a fist fight for the first time ever this summer.  I know, slow big guy.

Here is what I watched for the first time last night.


I really enjoyed it and loved watching Valerie show the world just how talented she is.  Make sure you clink the link to vote for Val and help her along to the next round. http://vote.fox.com/dance

Now as much as I loved Valerie’s performance my highlight of the night was something different.  Most of you out there know that myself and many of the BDS contributors grew up being coached by Valerie’s Dad.  (we might have to have a podcast to tell those stories)  Well Coach and the Mrs. was able to travel to LA and be in attendance to watch their daughter chase her dreams last night.  Very cool right?  Well the best part was that Coach had a great seat to watch this.


I could not stop laughing last night watching and kept coming up with questions that I wanted answers to.

  1. What was he thinking as he watched?
  2. Did he enjoy it?
  3. Does he know that the ham sandwich the song refers to doesn’t come on rye bread?
  4. Did he clap when it was over?
  5. Did he know that was Snoop Dog and or care?

As you can see I am still very amused.

So make sure you get out there and vote for Valerie!

Defense Together!






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