Are you ready to vote for your favorite bands and musicians?

Posted: July 8, 2014 by jmklee in Uncategorized

We are ready to begin our journey to find out who your favorite musical act of all time is.  No matter if you are a musical snob or just love a drunken sing a long we have something for you.  So enjoy the bracket and share with a friend.  You just might find something new you like.

The Black Crowes vs Chicago

We have a battle of two classic American bands that represent different times and sounds.  The southern rock band that had groupies like Kate Hudson versus one of the smoothest voices and best brass sections around.




Frank Sinatra vs The Beastie Boys

Ol Blue Eyes takes on a group that helped bridge racial divisions in the rap game.




The Beach Boys vs Justin Timberlake

The Beach Boys gave us arguably one of the greatest albums of all time but they also left us with Kokomo (thanks a lot dicks) versus our modern-day Chairman of the Board.




Jack White vs James Taylor

Not only did he bring us one of the most recognized songs of all time but did it with his wife, most of us can’t go to the grocery with our wives. Versus one of the greatest singer songwriters of any time.




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