Happy Friday! Let’s vote for more of your music favorites.

Posted: July 11, 2014 by jmklee in Uncategorized

As we wrap of the left side of the bracket our last four match ups pit some musical heavyweights against each other.  Many of these match ups could have easily been in the Sweet 16 but so is life.  There can only be one champion so lets get to it!


Eric Clapton vs Stevie Wonder

This is one that really hurts.  I love both these guys.  One wrote love longs to his best friends wife and the other gave us one of the classic Bob and Tom bits.

The answer is, Stevie Nicks.

The question, What happens when Stevie Wonder shaves?




Pearl Jam vs Paul Simon

We have one of the best bands of the past 30 years going up against a guy that has (shortly) stood the test of time.




Jason Isbell vs Neil Diamond

You have the new kid on the block that your music snob friends will turn up their noes if you say who?  Versus one of the greatest entertainers and song writers in history.  And who doesn’t think of Danny Patrick when America comes on?




Prince vs REM

Frankly I kinda am rooting for both of these to lose.  Prince at least has a name again and REM used to not be such douchebags.  Well, it’s up to you.






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