My two cents on Lance leaving town

Posted: July 16, 2014 by jmklee in Uncategorized

Today we found out that Lance Stephenson would be packing his bags and moving to North Carolina.



For all the baggage Lance brought with him and the ups and downs he had you can not say that this 23 year old is without talent and upside.  I said from the get go if the decision was mine I could not see a scenario where a team could take a chance on Born Ready and sign him to a big long term deal.  Well guess what?  Lance was not looking for a long term deal.  Lance and his agent know the NBA will be signing a new TV deal and anticipate the next salary cap to be much higher.  Lance was looking for a 2 or 3 year deal so he could position himself to be the All-Star player he feels that he can be and cash in with a huge max deal a few years down.  If Lance was willing to roll the dice then why weren’t the Pacers?

To me it was the perfect fit.  Give Lance 9-10 million for the next couple years and see what he becomes.  To me it was a win win.  If Lance starts pushing women down the stairs again, allegedly, then you let him go.  If he stays on the path then your have had his back and are in position to max him out continuing to build around one of the best young players in the league that is still in his mid 20’s.

Lance can be an idiot but we have to remember how young he is and how much he has grown.  You have to love a guy that is willing to make fun of himself.


The only thing that makes since to me is that the Pacers know something that you and I don’t and they offered Lance a deal that they knew he would not sign.  That way they can say they tried their best and put the focus on Lance turning them down.  They better be right because to me it appears that they are losing one of the two guys on this Pacers team (David West being the other) that actually give a damn and play hard every night.



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