Indiana basketball is at a crossroads

Posted: July 21, 2014 by jmklee in Uncategorized


If you are the biggest Indiana Hoosier fan in the world or hope they lose every game like I do one thing we all seem to agree on is this coming year is going to be a big one for Coach Tom Crean.

Coach Crean is coming off of a year everyone wants to forget that followed up an NCAA tournament run that was not much of a run.  He was able to keep in state product James Blackmon Jr. home after many thought he would end up across the ohio at either Louisville or Kentucky but did lose Trey Lyles.  It seems like every time they take a step forward they take one step right back.

I am one that thinks that if IU had a top level coach that it would be going to Final Fours much like Kentukcy, Louisville, Kansas, Duke and UConn does on a regular basis.

I know, Coach Crean took over IU at the bottom.  He started with nothing and built it to a Big Ten Champion.  Well isn’t that what he is supposed to do?  I understand that the Big Ten is a great basketball conference and winning it is someone to be proud but isn’t that Purdue’s goal every year?  Win the Big Ten.  IU’s goal every ear should be Final Fours.  Right?

We all know about the talent that comes out of this state every year.  It is the best in the country.  Every year schools like Kentucky, Ohio State, Michigan, Michigan State, Louisville, Duke and North Carolina come in and take what they want and go to Final Fours.  So why aren’t the Hoosiers?

I am not the only one that feels this way.  Pretty much any IU fan I talk too admits that this is a big year for Coach Crean.  Hell, a few of them thought last year should have been his last.  The worst of it seems to be that so many in Hoosier Nation don’t feel that this year will be any better.  It looks like they will be able to shoot but not sure if they will be able to rebound or guard anyone.  There is nothing worse for a program having no hope.  Once the fan base thinks there is no hope it is hard to build excitement.

I was at a charity event this past Saturday with a family friend.  They had a raffle and one of the prizes was a Tom Crean signed Indiana basketball.  They had a big table set up with about 40 prizes.  Now a Tom Crean ball is not my cup of tea but in my mind one of the better gifts.  It was simple, they pull a ticket and when your ticket is pulled you pick any prize you want.  Well to make a long story short we we were 23 tickets in before the Crean ball was taken.  22 people men, women and children walked up to that table before anyone took the ball and this took place in Indianapolis for the love of God.  It is a good thing this guy was at the event or I might have been forced to take it.


My point is a simple one.  Is Tom Crean a good coach?  Sure.  Is Tom Crean the type of coach that can take IU to a Final Four 3 of 5 years?  Not in my mind and if Indiana wants to regain some stature in the college basketball world they need to make a move.

Don’t get me wrong, I hope that creepy guy never leaves B-Town and until he does the rest of the surrounding schools have nothing to worry about.




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