Let’s Get Round 2 Started

Posted: July 22, 2014 by nickd0913 in Uncategorized

Well Jason has wisely let me take over the brackets for round 2.  You guys need to redeem yourselves after mangling the movie brackets.  So pay attention and do the right thing this round.


The Black Crowes vs. The Beastie Boys

This is a classic battle of black vs. white.  The best band with black in their name ( Sorry Black Sabbath, Black Flag, and The Black Keys) vs. The most influential white rap group of all time.

Check out the Crowes doing what they do best.  Playing better music than every other band of their time.


Check out the Beastie Boys making a Hammond B3 organ sound cool in a rap song.




Justin Timberlake vs. Jack White

This is a battle between one of my favorite pop singers and the guy who is single handedly trying to save rock and roll.


Here is JT doing a great cover of the Marvin Gaye classic, “Got to Give It Up, Part 1”.


Have you ever wondered what a mash up of Icky Thump and 99 Problems would sound like?  Click below for the answer.




Nirvana vs. Van Morrison

This will be a battle.  The band that defines grunge going against one of the greatest white soul singers of all time.  No matter who you pick you are right.


A great song from my favorite Nirvana record.


Have you ever heard of the band Them?  Did you know Van was their lead singer?  Did you know they recorded this nasty song?




Elvis vs. Dolly Parton

The king of rock n roll going against the queen of Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.  Another tough match up where unfortunately someone has to lose.


Here is the man from his famous 1968 comeback special.  He was easily the coolest guy in the room.  This is the original Unplugged.



Here is Dolly doing a great bluegrass cover of a Collective Soul song.



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