What have you been doing to pass the time till football season?

Posted: July 23, 2014 by jmklee in Uncategorized

We are almost through the month of July and head into the final stretch of August until the sports world becomes good again.  I love baseball but we are going through the worst part of the season.  I can not wait till September gets here.  Baseball stretch run, NFL, and college football kicks off.  I can’t wait but since I have to then I have tried to mix in some new stuff this summer to pass the time.

Soccer – USMT


Now there are a few factors that go into why I go so wrapped up in this years World Cup.  One would be I have a daughter that plays soccer so it was something to watch together but I am also a sucker for national events.  I love the Olympics and pretty much anything else that pull so many different types of people together.


So You Think You Can Dance


As you know from the earlier posts I am a part of Team Vote for Val.  I have to admit that I had more of a history of watching soccer than watching SYTYCD.  (Beck, than is a reference to the show title, I’m cool like that) I don’t know Valerie myself but know so many people close to her.  It has been really neat to watch this former Flash put such big smiles on some many people’s faces, just awesome!  The best part about tonight’s show was that Valerie went first so if I didn’t want to watch the other dancers I didn’t have to.  What am I saying the best part was seeing the video of Coach Rockey dancing on national TV.  Great job Tuttle!  You didn’t embarrass anyone.  Make sure everyone clicks on the link and Votes for Val.






So the wife took me on a tour of the Bourbon Trail for my birthday and I have been mixing in more bourbon on the weekends ever since.  I will partake in a couple fingers around the fire now pretty regularly and I am really starting to like it.  (That doesn’t mean I have a problem, right?)

Let us know if you have tried something new and have enjoyed it.



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