Vote for Val, Reds moves to make and ND has a new field

Posted: July 24, 2014 by jmklee in Uncategorized

Unknown-361Well lets start this Thursday night’s random thoughts starting with the Reds.  This is not going to be popular but I am ready for this team to pack it up and start playing for next year.  This is a team that has a very strong pitching staff but is not going to have enough healthy bats to make any sort of run this year.  We Reds fans are getting accustom to watching the Cincinnati nine making the playoffs but not having enough to win a playoff series.  Here are some moves I would like to see get done.

  • Shut down Votto and Phillips for as long as it takes to get them 100%.  If that means the rest of the year then so be it.  For the Reds to win these two have to be healthy, this year or next.
  • Trade guys that are over achieving, namely Simon.  The Reds must restocking their minor league system.
  • See what you can get for Chapman.  The Cuban Missile will be entering the final year of deal and guess what.  Closers are a dime a dozen.  The Reds are already paying Broxton, who has been a stud, to be their closer and Chapman’s value is at an all time high.

I know you are ready for football to start but training camp is just rotten.  All I do is check the news wire everyday to see how got hurt and who is out for the year.  The only thing worse than training camp are the fake football games that start in a couple weeks.  Horrible.

There was one bit of football news that caught my eye though.  Check out the pictures that are coming out of the new turf being installed at Norte Dame.



I love the new look field and am one of the few people around that think the Irish are going to go 11-1 this year and find their way into the 4 team playoff at the end of the season.  #GoIrish


Vote for Val!

If you missed Valerie Rockey’s performance last night then we have you covered.


Very fun dance and no little kids had to jump into the outhouse holding tank.  (some of you get that)

Make sure to click on the link to cast your 20 votes for Valerie.

Oh, and if you watched closely you saw the real local celebrity, Karen Tuttle.

  1. I hate to admit that you are right about the Reds. It’s been brutal to watch lately. I’ll take a good next year if that means a shitty this year. I’m not sure about a Chapman trade though. Closers may be a dime a dozen, but a guy that can strike out the side in a heartbeat is hard to come by.


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