4 New Musical Battles

Posted: July 27, 2014 by nickd0913 in Uncategorized

It is time to start the second half of the 2nd round match ups and there are some good ones coming your way.  Make sure to cast your vote and tell your friends to do the same.


Willie Nelson vs.  Led Zeppelin

This is a great match up.  You have the guy who made the greatest Country album of all time going against the band that made the greatest double album of all time.  2 icons battling it out in the round of 32.

Here is Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard doing what Jason Isbell calls “the greatest country song of all time”.


Check out my favorite rock drummer of all time going to work.




Elton John vs. Michael Jackson

The Queen of Pop going up against the King of Pop.  This could go either way.

Having Elton John in the brackets gives me an excuse to show you my favorite scene from one of my all time favorite movies.


Here is one of my main jams from the Beech Grove Roller Dome in the 80’s.  You could get your couples skate on to this one.  Or you could hang out by the Pac Man machine like I did.




Tom Petty vs. Bruce Springsteen

Another mammoth battle between 2 Rock and Roll Hall of Famers.  2 of the best live acts you will ever see and both still making great music into their 60’s. Good luck with this one.

Here is a ferocious one from TP and the Heartbreakers.  You should play this one loud.


Bruce and Eddie Vedder doing “Highway to Hell”.  Not a bad way to start his concert.




Green Day vs. Buddy Holly

You have one of the better American bands of the past 20 years going up against an all time great.  This should be an easy choice.

Here is a great song from Green Day that is not off of Dookie.


Probably my favorite Buddy Holly song.  Pretty nasty for 1958.







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