What to do if you are stuck at home in July

Posted: July 28, 2014 by jmklee in Uncategorized

So my Uncle is home from work recovering and my Aunt mentioned that he is getting bored.  I can’t imagine why?  No football yet, the Reds should just stop playing and Kentucky’s basketball trip to the Bahama’s trip doesn’t start for another week or so.  We don’t even have the college football pool email to pour over yet.  Well here is my attempt to help the cause.  Here are some of my favorite games to watch on YouTube when the family is away on a rainy day that I know that he will enjoy too.

1990 World Series Game 4



1975 World Series Game 7


1996 NCAA Basketball Championship


1998 NCAA Basketball Regional Final


Sharapova vs. Wozniacki

How did that get in there?  Just don’t get caught watching that one alone in the dark.

Well, that should keep him busy.  Don’t worry football is coming soon!


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