If only Robert Mathis bull rushed as well as his wife

Posted: July 31, 2014 by jmklee in Uncategorized

Well running Backdoor Slider has given me some fun and entertaining days over the past year or so but I can’t say that I have had a day like today.  If you have checked the site in the past 24 hours you have seen a lot of dancing and my post about the article Kravitz wrote on the Robert Mathis suspension. Up to that point it was same ole stuff until I woke up at 5:30 am to awake up one of the kids for school and do what we all do, check my phone.  Only to find this comment.

Brandi Mathis says:

Your reaction is really disturbing considering that you say that he is using OUR daughter as an excuse. WE opened up about our struggle to conceive when we didn’t have to.. something many men wouldn’t have the courage to do. The picture that you show above of my husband and our daughter was not staged.. in fact it is a photo of me bringing her to see him at camp and he was trying to hide her from the sun. A photographer from across the field took the picture and published it without our knowledge. Get your facts straight before you walk around calling bullshit on anyone. Normally I wouldn’t comment on the non sense that has surrounded his suspension but this is getting out of hand and our 11 day old daughter doesn’t deserve for her father to be publicly criticized for deciding to bring her into this world.
-Brandi Mathis

What?  Really!  No, Really!  Wow!

Let me say first of all that I have no way of knowing if this is truly Mrs. Robert Mathis.  The email address connected to the comment does appear to be an email address that Mrs. Mathis would have.  For shits and giggles let’s assume that this is legit and pretend that Mrs. Mathis was up past midnight posting comments on Backdoor Slider.  Ha!  I just hope she also voted for Valerie and picked her favorite between Jackson Browne and Johnny Cash.  Oh, by the way, they both did drugs too.  wink wink

OK where do I start?

Let’s start here.  Why does she give two damns what the hell I think and believe.  Yes, I think her husband is full of shit.  Yes, I think that her husband is justifying his attentional wrong doing by using his family as a smoke shield to make us forget that he is a cheater.  My question is why does she care what little ole BDS has to say about her husband?  Obviously she either trolls Facebook or Twitter or she like loves her some BDS.  The first one probably isn’t the best thing to do if you are a thin-skinned wife of a professional athlete.    The second I recommend, especially if you want to stay up to date on hot cheerleaders, UK basketball or the upcoming college football season.  You never know, she might be into it.

Second and most importantly we are only discussing her family because her husband used her family as his excuse of why he is sitting out the Denver, Philadelphia, Jacksonville and Tennessee games.  If she forgot let me refresh everyone’s memory.

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 6.59.10 PM

The correct answer should have been this and this only.

I was caught taking a band substance.  I am sorry.  I apologize to my team, coaches, owner and fans.  

That’s it!  Just for once I would like to see an athlete that gets caught putting things into their body that they shouldn’t just come out and be honest.

But you know though, he is a hero, a man who just wants to raise a family.  BULLSHIT!  Once again he is a man who will not own up to his crime and is hiding behind his family for his misdoings.  Pulling on the heartstrings in hope that “This League” (Czaban shout out) will forget what is really going on.


And no, I do not think that Robert Mathis has any courage when it comes to this matter.  This is a man who did not own his mistake.  This is not a man who feels that he did anything wrong.  This is a man who attempted to justify his wrong and yes, this is a man who used his daughter to shield himself from the press.  Oh, I’m sorry, he’s a true hero.

But hey, it was late, Mrs Mathis was still up last night and I am sure she woke up regretting her decision to engage some random blog site.  But as Lee Corso would say, not so fast my friend.  Today during the daylight hours I received this tweet from Mrs. Mathis.

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 8.57.14 PM

Yeah, you’re right Brandi, I best start thinking a little more.  Sure thing boss.

What the hell?  This chick won’t stop!  She is bull rushing me like her husband does QBs on Sunday afternoons.  If you have time take a look at her twitter feed.  It’s a good time.  (Looks like me and Peyton Manning have something in common, who knew)  Let me give everyone a little advise.  When a women, or anyone for that matter, tries to make a big stink about something they are probably hiding something.  Trying to divert attention for the truth.  Trying to pull the ole Gilbert Gottfried hand trick.  Who does she think I am?  ESPN?  Well guess what Brandi?  I am someone who does not care what you think and frankly am wondering why you care what I say.  I am someone who is not afraid to say that I do not believe the load of fertilizer your husband is shoveling the public’s way.

Wow!  Just another day in the life of Backdoor Slider.  Can’t wait till tomorrow.


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