Could have Paul George’s injury been avoided?

Posted: August 2, 2014 by jmklee in Uncategorized

If you were not around a television last night then you are waking up to the news of the gruesome Paul George injury.  Last night while playing in a scrimmage for Team USA George looks to have suffered a sever break of this  right lower leg.



Now many made reference to the horrific injury that took place in Indianapolis to Kevin Ware durning the Louisville vs. Duke NCAA tournament game as soon as the injury happened but another injury came to my mind.  Nerlens Noel’s injury at Florida.



What do both have in common?

  1. Both men were on defense and with out the ball to slow them down at all.
  2. Both were making a play on the ball so were not thinking of their landing.
  3. Both hit the basket support.

Take a look at how close the basket support was to the court last night.


If you go and look at the Noel video again the basket support is very close to the court also.

Last nights game was being played at the Thomas Mack Center in Las Vegas and is the college facility for UNLV.  Now I can not find if there is a set distance that the supports have to be from the baseline in my quick check of my Google machine but as you can tell from the picture below the support at the Fieldhouse seems to be at least a foot or two further back than it was last night.


With todays players getting longer and more athletic it seems every year I am surprised that this type of injury does not happen more often.  I know that many college programs and NBA teams are looking to find a way to put fans as close to the court as possible to increase revenue.  Maybe an injury like this will make them realize that the players need more room around the court to play at a level we basketball fans demand of the players.

For years SEC and basketball fans have mocked the court at Vandy but we might not be to far from seeing other schools and teams adopt a basket support that resembles this.


Since last night USA coach Mike Krzyzewski and USA Basketball have said that they are looking into basket options that give the players more room at the baseline.

Good luck Paul, everyone hopes to see you back doing what you love real soon.





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