Asshats and Meatheads and Bad Fans Oh My!

Posted: August 5, 2014 by jmklee in Uncategorized

There are weeks in the sports world that just seems that every idiot known to the sports world pokes his head out like a mole needing whacked.  This week  so far is one of those weeks.  Let’s start was the asshats.


Asshat #1 – Jerry Colangelo


Here is what Jerry had to say about the Paul George injury.

“The stanchion is not the issue here. Some people want to make it an issue, but it’s not.”

Really Jerry?  Not the issue?  What is the issue then?  You not getting sued for having a playing environment not safe for the players?  Are you trying to actually claim if the basket was suspended from the ceiling like in some high school gyms that PG would have still snapped his leg like a twig.  Please.   Basketball needs to move the stanchions back, remove the court side fans and keep kids off the court after games or you will be seeing more injuries in the future.

Asshat #2 – Jerry Jones

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 10.22.55 PM is trying to explain this picture and a couple of others.  I actually have nothing more to say about that.  SMH



Obviously if the basketball stanchion was not there then PG would have landed as usual and would have been practicing today.  Saying that the stanchion is not the problem is like if you put land mines at half court and not think they were to blame if a player stepped on them.  I don’t know if he is scared of being sued.  I don’t know if he is really that stupid.  All I know is he is an ass hat and unfortunately he is not the only one.


Meathead – Kirk Gibson


If you missed it, and it is easy to miss Arizona D-bag baseball these days, then here is the short of it.  Paul Goldschmidt got hit by a pitch because he didn’t get out of the way of an inside pitch.  All Goldy had to do was pull his hands back and it would have looked like any other inside pitch.  Instead he didn’t attempt to get out of the way, broke his hand and is out for the year.  If you ask me Goldy is luck to not have to play for that team anymore this year.  In typical meathead fashion Gibby orders a 95 MPH pitch to NL MVP, Andrew McCutchen.  Now Cutch has broken ribs and the Pirates, how actually is playing for something, will be missing their best player for some time because Gibson is the Mike Singeltary of baseball.  Just another meathead that has no business running a team.  BTW, I truly hate the unwritten rules of baseball.


Bad Fans #1 – Bengals Fans


For years we all complained about ownership and the pitiful team.  For years we longed for a team that drafted well, developed players and then keep the good ones.  Well guess what, that is what they are doing when they inked Andy Dalton to his extension this week and all anyone can do is bitch and moan.  Everyone is saying that Dalton is not worth the $115 million but all the Bengals really did was sign him to a two year deal.   The Bengals traded the fact that they overpay Dalton for the next two, $25 million, for the ability to lock him up for the next 6 IF THEY CHOOSE.  if not they have two years to draft and groom his successor.  Seems pretty good to me.  The guy did just take a team that was a laughing stock to the playoffs in three straight seasons.  Just shut it and have another Hudy.


Bad Fans #2 – Colts Fans


OK, I admit you have not done anything this week really.  It is just the fact that I better never hear another Colts fan tell me how great and moral this franchise is.  Any time a Colts fan gets into an argument with a fan of another team their argument always ends up telling the other their team is all thugs and the Colts are full of choir boys.  Well after this week’s signings and how the team Owner is trying to star in the sequel to Blow I never want to hear that again.  It takes a lot to get kicked off the football team at Tennessee and the Colt’s have three of them.  Really, you have to try to get kicked off.  Just ask James Banks.



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