Valerie Rockey has given sports fans the biggest gift of all this summer

Posted: August 21, 2014 by jmklee in Uncategorized

There is a time of year that many sports fans dislike more than any other, the dog days of summer.  This is the time that our favorite baseball teams are wilting on the vine.  This is the time of year that football is nothing more than a tease and SI is putting 15 year old 12 year old girls on the cover.  We sports fans need a distraction to hold our attention until next week when football season starts up.  Many of you are pouring over your fantasy football drafts to pass the time but for those of you like myself who thinks fantasy football is only for booger eating morons (you know like NASCAR) you need something else.  Well for me it has been following everyone’s favorite little tapper.  She has been so much fun to follow and root for that I have been able to forget that the Reds are the worst team in baseball.  Wait, the Cubs still play, right?  OK, second worst team in baseball.

Valerie Rockey is in the FINAL FOUR!

As most of you know by now our favorite dancer has advanced to the Final Four on SYTYCD.  That’s code for So You Think You Can Dance for those of you that don’t read the site or for Beck who does not watch TV or have Facebook.  Here are a couple of Val’s performances from last night’s show.



Does anyone else happen remember the last time a Rockey was in the Final Four?  I do!

photo 1photo 2


I just hope that Val is able to finish the deal a little better than her Dad and those monkeys were able to do 22 years ago.  Looks like the only thing that has changed is a little more gray hair peaking out from under the hat now a days.  I guess Val’s costumes will do that to a Dad.

  1. Lana Miller says:

    Ok…this brought me to tears just now…remembering that FC Final Four team in the afternoon…then Final Two team in the evening…what an incredible memory for all the parents. I can still close my eyes and see Coach Rockey’s great grin and his way of clapping. Our family would often do the Rockey clap when signally a great time! Been Rockey clapping and cheering for Val since top 20, Lana Miller. (Jonathan’ mom)


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