We can only hope for the T.Lyles – Coach Crean rap feud to gain steam

Posted: August 23, 2014 by jmklee in Uncategorized

As we all know by now Trey Lyles backed out of his commitment with the Indiana Hoosiers and decided to take his talents to Lexington.

Some of you also know that his Dad, T.Lyles, is a silky smooth R&B recording artist.


And has given us gems like these.

Mind Ur Own Damn Bizz 

4the Sex of it


I know, very classy for sure.  Now I don’t think T.Lyles has been putting out many hits lately but he has had the time to put out a single about the Kentucky basketball program and it’s Big Blue Nation.  There are many songs out there about everyones favorite team but this one has a little something extra. See if you can hear the direct shot that T.Lyles took at Indiana coach, Tom Crean.  Something tells me that T.Lyles didn’t like what went down between Crean and his son and of course I found it very amusing.



Now I can’t be the only one that wants Crean to make his own record and fire back at T.Lyles.  I mean if Indiana and Kentucky are not going to meet on the court then what could be better than a rap feud?  I am picturing something that could be as big as LL Cool J and Kool Moe Dee.  OK, that might be too old school, how about Tupac versus Biggie minus the shootings of course.





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