Reds Season: Hoovered!

Posted: August 25, 2014 by DannyP. in Uncategorized

  The Cincinnati Reds are currently sitting at 63-68.  That is 9.5 games out of first in the N.L. Central.  I know you can’t solely attribute a crappy record to one player, but I’m going to nominate J.J. Hoover for just that honor.


  Many will say the Reds have had a ton of injuries……true.  They may also say that the Reds aren’t scoring enough runs to support their pitchers……also, true.  However, I have seen the Reds starting pitchers leave many a game in the hands of one J.J. Hoover.  If you’ve watched, then you know the outcomes of those games.  I think it is time to spit out a few facts.


  1.)  Hoover has entered 10 games when the Reds have the lead.  His record this year is 1-10.  This also includes 4 for 4 on blown saves.

  2.)  Hoover’s overall ERA is 5.27 and WHIP is 1.46.  They are not the worst in the league by far, but wait….there’s more.  His ERA in late/close games is 9.20.  This is not to be topped by his ERA with runners in scoring position at a whopping 15.80.

  3.)  Forty percent of the runners he inherits….you guessed it…..they find home plate.  This you must remember isn’t even adding to his ERA.  He’s just friendly enough to hike up the ERA’s of the pitchers in front of him.

  4.)  Last but not least, he’s only entered 6 games on zero days rest.  Therefore, you can’t blame all the piss-poor showings on a tired arm.


   I think I speak on behalf of all Reds fans when I ask Manager Price to quit this project.  I know an ex-pitching coach wants to give the benefit of the doubt to a pitcher.  In this case, though, it just leaves me with doubt about the manager.  I know that a lineup with Brandon and Joey healthy makes a difference.  I just think a bullpen without Hoover might be just as good for the team.


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