Bruce Feldman…Do You Really Believe What You Are Writing?

Posted: August 26, 2014 by epschoet in Uncategorized

It was the great George Costanza who once said, “It is not a lie, if you believe it.”

Well Bruce Feldman has been throwing out a lot of “stats” with no substance about Notre Dame’s “academic” troubles. The latest was his “fuzzy math” that he was getting from his so called “sources”. He stated that Notre Dame is no different than any other school when it comes to academics. He goes on and states that Texas and Alabama has more “academic support staff” than Notre Dame. Bruce must of googled his numbers and told himself….”see, the numbers don’t lie!” Well Bruce, you didn’t lie, but you were comparing apples to oranges. Mr. Feldman is confusing “academic support” with “athletic academic support”. Yes, Texas has 20 “academic support staff”, and  Alabama has 12 “academic support staff” compared to Notre Dame’s 3. The difference is that the academic support at Texas and Alabama are part of the athletic department. In other words, “Saban’s Minions.” The job, at these football factories, of the “academic support staff” is to keep the players academically eligible…by any means necessary. Coach Kelly doesn’t have the last say when it comes to academic issues. Yes, he might have a “seat at the table” but it is one seat at a big table. Notre Dame has plenty of help that they offer their athletes, but they are true “academic support” not “keep me eligible” support.


Mr. Feldman also got me all hot and bothered when he started to talk about the 4 players that were “dismissed”. Oh by the way Mr. Feldman, they haven’t been dismissed. They are still on the roster(for now) and are going to class. Bruce stated, ” losing KeiVarea Russell would destroy Notre Dame’s chances with having a decent season because he was the only “athlete” in the Irish defense of backfield.” Bruce, Notre Dame had one of the deepest secondaries in Irish history. Yes, Russell is their best cornerback, but they still have CB Cody Riggs(transfer who started 26 games for Florida), CB-Cole Luke(4 star), CB-Nick Watkins(4 star), CB-Devin Butler, Safety-Max Redfield(5 star), S-Elijah Shumate(4 star), S-Austin Collinsworth, S-Eilar Hardy(4 star), and S-Drue Tranquill.


So maybe the Irish went from an A+ to a B+ with the loss of Russell, but who’s to say he won’t be back by game 2 or 3? This just goes to show me …again…that fans know their teams better than blow hard talking heads. Notre Dame’s problems are with their depth on their front 7, not with their secondary. Notre Dame’s other problem is with their public relations department, but that is a topic for another day.



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