The State of the NFL Address

Posted: September 4, 2014 by DannyP. in Uncategorized

    Let me start this off on a positive note.  I looked at the first week match-ups and actually had a tough time picking more than a few games.  There seems to be some parity in the league with many teams making moves in the offseason.  That being said,  I think we could see the same two teams back in the big game this season.  I love waking up on Sunday mornings during football season.  You know that you don’t have to hunt through the channels to find something to watch.  From 1 p.m. to 11 p.m. your schedule is set.  The league unfortunately is getting a little out of hand with new rules and off the field drama.

ray rice

 1.)  Apparently if you are this guy, you can beat your girlfriend or wife and it only costs you a 2 game suspension.  I wonder how many guys caught hell from their wife or girlfriend for drafting him in fantasy football (um, yep, I have him, but I am single).



 2.)  If you are this guy, don’t try to take any fertility pills.  Working on building your family will cost you a 4 game suspension.  Maybe he should have just smacked her around a bit.  Nice call on that one commish!


jim irsay

3.)  It could be worse… could be this guy.  A six week vacation and a $500k fine for a first time misdemeanor.  What’s worse is that players are saying it’s not enough.  Note to players……you wouldn’t even get a slap on the wrist for this one.


ray lewis

Maybe you could just kill a guy, have a Hall of Fame career, and get a statue.  Worked for one guy……………


aaron hernandez


……but maybe two guys was pushing it.


All that being said,  you know my happy ass will be parked in front of the tv every Thursday, Sunday, and Monday.  Contrary to what ESPN tries to tell me……there is only one kind of “football” for me.  Enjoy the season.



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