Dennis Dodd proves how out of touch he really is while Notre Dame shows it is going in the right direction

Posted: September 5, 2014 by jmklee in Uncategorized

In my earlier post I touched on how Michigan fans were taking time out of their busy days of boarding up abandoned buildings and building shitty cars (no really, I think between my wife and I we have 5 current recalls) to call into radio talk shows to whine and cry about Notre Dame ending the long time football series.  I didn’t put them on full blast mode because, well they are fans and plus they are from Michigan. Making fun of those booger eaters is like kicking a pug while he’s asleep.


Fun yes but not much of a challenge.

But then entered writer, Dennis Dodd.


Here is what Dodd had to say.

Notre Dame has done itself a disservice in dropping Michigan.

Yes, because of all the tradition, but it cannot be debated that the Irish’s schedule gets softer without the Wolverines. There is no way Notre Dame can replace the brand name that Michigan brings to the table in any given year.

The selection committee won’t necessarily notice it for what isn’t on the schedule. But perhaps, subconsciously, they’ll take into account what once was there.

Where do I begin?  How about the beginning.  Dodd claims that the Irish are doing itself a disservice and the first reason why is because of tradition.  Dodd is partially right.  I think the idea of tradition does come into play with this decision but by no means is it a disservice to one’s self.  What we have here is simple.  We have two storied programs that are chalked full of tradition and honored stories ones that are going in two different directions.  One of them is holding onto the past like a fat kid with a sack candy.  The other is ready to make new beginnings and new traditions while not forgetting the past.

Michigan will tell you how great the Big 10 is and how Big 10 football is the best in the land.  Notre Dame and the rest of the country know better.  Notre Dame has had every chance to join the Big 10 over the past few years and decided to break away from many of those ties and join the ACC.  A move that not only will help with exposure and recruiting but will add excitement to a schedule that was getting stale.

Notre Dame knows they are on the Mt. Rushmore of football programs but knows that all that history is not going to win them football games.  Recently Notre Dame has done things like drastic uniform changes, field turf and yes revamp the schedule that has added excitement not only in the fanbase but also the recruiting base as well.  Michigan, well Michigan is losing recruits to schools that they never dreamed to be competing with.  Just take a look at where the number #1 running back in the country is about to go.  The once Michigan committed, Damien Harris, will be deciding between Kentucky and Ohio St. this fall.  Keep it up Michigan.

Let’s keep moving.  Dodd then says that Notre Dame’s schedule will become weaker and there is NO WAY they will be able to replace a BRAND NAME like Michigan.  Stop please, I can’t stop laughing, it hurts!  Hey, Dennis, have you every heard of Texas and Georgia?  That’s right, not only will Notre Dame replace Michigan they already have you ass hat.  A quick search on your Google machine would have told you they already have in line two teams with more recent success than Michigan and with brighter futures.  To add insult to injury what did the Irish do to rub Michigan’s nose in its mess but announce the home and home series with rival Ohio St.  The only Big 10 football program to matter on a national level consistently.  I have a feeling the Irish will be just fine.

Dennis, the only thing the selection committee, pollsters and fans everywhere should keep in the back of their minds is how clueless you are.




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