Ickey Woods, Butthurt Michigan and Booty Booty. You are welcome.

Posted: September 5, 2014 by jmklee in Uncategorized

It has been a minute since my last post and I’m not real sure why.  I guess the week just got away from me.  Well there has been a lot going on so let’s hit it.

Let’s start with something that made me laugh.  As I was flipping between the NFL opener and US Open tennis last night I didn’t see many commercials so when my Brother texted me to see if I saw Ickey Woods I had no idea what he was speaking of.  Well I searched it out and boy was I not disappointed.  Great job Ickey!


Speaking of football, when did Michigan football fan start acting like Indiana basketball fan? 


I have been enjoying my free preview of satellite radio and have been listening to a lot of college football talk.  I think everyday some Michigan fan has called in to bitch and moan about ND ending the series with the maize and blue.  They said the same things I have been hearing from Indiana fans over the past couple of years.  “They are scared”  “Why don’t they play someone”  “They just want to pad their schedule”  What a joke!  I loved the big UP YOURS that Notre Dame gave Michigan yesterday when they announced the home and home with Ohio St.  When it comes down to Notre Dame’s football and schedule and UK’s basketball schedule they can pick and choose who they want to play and frankly Michigan and Indiana, you just don’t matter as much as you used too.  Notre Dame can go out and play Texas, Oklahoma, USC and Ohio St or play a team in Michigan that has not won a big game since Charles Woodson was on the team.  Same thing for UK, play Indiana that is not what they used to be or play the likes of Michigan St., Duke, Kansas and UCLA.  One is sexy and fun to watch and the other well not so much anymore. 


I love me some Jimmy Fallon and him singing All About the Bass makes me smile.  That booty booty!


Have fun this weekend and good luck in all your survivor pools.  Everyone is still in except those few blinder cheeseheads in your life. 


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