Week 2 Colts-Eagles

Posted: September 14, 2014 by amschoettle in Uncategorized


The Colts head into their home opener in another primetime performance against the high flying 1-0 Philadelphia Eagles. Before looking at this matchup, a few observations on last week’s game against the Broncos.

-The interior line looks exactly the same as last year. No running game and Andrew Luck felt pressure early and often right up the middle. Great job there Grigson!

-The Colts have been outscored 38-10, 21-7, and 24-0 to start the last three games. Does any game planning go on during the week? It seems only after the Colts are behind hugely do they begin to execute offensively. The coaching has to improve. This is more than Pep Hamilton’s problem. Chuck Pagano deserves some of this blame as well for his teams to all too often come out and lay eggs.

-Bjoern Werner is no poor man’s Chad Bratzke. He looks slow, awkward, and could not get off his block. It is too early to call him a bust, but improvement has to be seen from him over the next several games or again, Grigson will take heat.


-Coby Fleener is not worthy of the high draft pick used on him. He is a head case, afraid to get hit and nervous that he will drop it. Another bad move by the GM.

-LaRon Landry stinks! His whiff on press coverage at the goal line was disgraceful. He really needs to either be in the box or on the bench.

-Andrew Luck is a total beast whom I think will wind up being the best player in the NFL since Peyton Manning. His toughness and grit and just will to win transcends the box score. He could stand to play better. He passing needs to be more accurate. The goal line sneak play that got stuffed was his call and was abysmal. There are just too many mistakes when there is so much pressure on him to play extremely well for the Colts to win.

The game against the Eagles could be a track meet. The Eagles started down 17-0 to the lowly Jags before waking up to finish on a 34-0 tear. The Chip Kelley offense runs so quickly that the newly beefed up Colt defenders will have a tough time changing up the rotations. It could be a disaster for the Colts defense.

On offense the Colts will need some ball possession to rest the defense. It can happen, but it won’t be with the Trent Richardson led rushing attack. The Colts will likely play better at home, but the Colts will still struggle and I see another loss.

It will be panic time in Naptown, but the Colts still could manage to win the South at 9-7 or even 8-8.


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