Colts Self Destruct, Lose Way and Game

Posted: September 16, 2014 by amschoettle in Uncategorized

The Indianapolis Colts blew a 14 point second half lead to the frantic Philadelphia Eagles Monday night. The Colts fall to 0-2 and all of a sudden are in a must win game in week 3 against the lowly Jacksonville Jaguars. What went wrong? Let me count the ways:

Andrew Luck is not playing like himself. It could be the magic gone, or the unsustainable record of winning close games is just correcting itself. Either way there were several possessions that were flat out painful to watch. There’s no rhythm, no big play capability, no urgency, crispness, timing, or purpose. I think it is possible Luck may have an injury he and the Colts are mum about. Luck, never one to be laserly accurate, is now regularly errant on his throws. He has taken so many shots over the first two weeks, in addition to the pummeling over his first two years, he very easily could have nagging or more severe injuries to a shoulder, elbow, or knee that is impacting his mojo. I still would take him over 90% of the rest of the QBs in the league. See RGIII.

The pass rush is abysmal. Bjoern Werner is a bit of a joke. He is slow, unpowerful, and his no moves. There aren’t even any flashes that he could be good down the road. Horrible miss by Grigson. The tackles although big, are plodding. There were no interior defenders that laid a hand on Nick Foles all night. Not good.


LaRon Landry is worthless in today’s NFL. Even his specialty of being a hard hitting enforcer type is of no use if you whiff or miss on so many tackles. It was said when he was signed to his lucrative free agent contract, but it was and is a puzzling investment.

The game planning and in game strategery is poor to very poor. The three and outs, no downfield throws, prevent style calls on third and longs that resulted in Eagle conversion were all hard to stomach. Apparently, coach Pagano still has a pass from all criticism of him.


There seem to be so many weapons, but no one is making any plays. Reggie Wayne, Dwayne Allen, Coby Fleener, T.Y. Hilton, Hakim Nicks all underperformed.

Ahmad Bradshaw ran hard, but plays with the same reckless abandon that caused Bob Sanders to hang it up after repeated injuries.

Trent Richardson graded on his curve played okay sans the two fumbles. He just has a ceiling that still has not allowed him to earn even one 100 yard rushing game.

Put all the above together and it’s tough loss. This is where I thought the Colts would be after two weeks, but it does not make it any easier to accept. All is not lost unless of course a turnover ridden game and a few bad bounces keep the Jags in it. If the Colts are in a dog fight, they may not have the confidence in themselves to go out and win a game late in the contest. After all, just as the angry GM always said, past is prologue. If that’s true, lookout Colts, it’s going to be a long and humbling year.


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