Baseball and I am going to miss Derek Jeter

Posted: September 18, 2014 by jmklee in Uncategorized


I have always said if I had to trade lives with one person, any person, alive today I would trade lives with Derek Jeter.  Jeter in my mind is the best all around shortstop in the history of the game.  He is the most famous athlete on the most famous team in the most famous city and has done it with style.  You have never heard of Jeter getting in trouble.  You never heard of a team mate having problems with him.  Hell, you never even heard any of his super model ex girlfriends come out and say anything bad about him.  In today’s world of 24-7 media and camera phones for there to not be one bad thing you can say about him not only makes him a great man but a smart one too.

I am going to miss having Jeter around so will the game of baseball.  I believe that Major League Baseball is at it’s best when the Yankees are great.  People either love them or hate them but they care about them.  If the Reds ever make another World Series I hope they play the Yankees just so it will feel like a real World Series.  When Jeter hangs them up he will be the last of the great Yankees in this most resent run and that team will just not feel the same.  Baseball will just not seem as big when you don’t have to beat the boys in the pinstripes to be the best.

Gatorade made a grate commercial that sums up #2 and the love affair he and the Big Apple have for each other.


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