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I am going as an elephant

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Here is my costume. At least the ears part of it.



I thought Chris Farley was dead?

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Wow.  I don’t know if I should make fun of this guy or give him a big hug.  Let’s do both.


Now let’s watch this.


If you are only going to watch one baseball game all year tonight is your night.  GAME 7 baby!  In the history of the World Series there has been 36 that have gone to a deciding game 7.  The big question is, who has the advantage?

At first look one would say there is only a small advantage of being the home team in this game.  The home team has a 19 – 17 record in these games dating back to the first game 7 in 1909 when the Pittsburgh Pirates beat the Detroit Tigers.  Taking a closer look though the KC Royals looks to be the team to bet the house on.

From that first game 7 in 1909 through 1947 the home team was 7-4.  Not much in terms of any trends and they were playing with a balled up sock for a ball in most of those games anyway so it doesn’t matter.

From 1952 to 1979 the road team dominated.  During this time there was 16 game 7’s played and the road team won 13 of these games.  Then the winds of change set in.  Starting with the 1982 game 7 between St. Louis and Milwaukee, the home team has won the last 9 game 7’s.  That’s right, the home team has not lost a game 7 since the We Are Family, Pirates won the ’79 series.



Is it because the All-Star game decided now how will host game 7?  No way, don’t bring Bud into this.  Is it because one league has dominated?  No, the NL has won 5 and the AL 4 of these game 7’s.  The reason is a simple one.  The DH.

The designated hitter was adopted by the American League in 1973.  Since then the team that hosts game 7 and gets to play by their leagues rules are 10 – 2.  The two National League teams that were able to over come the rule difference were probably the two best hitting teams the National League has ever had in the ’75 Big Red Machine and the ’79 Pirates.  Since then the NL and AL teams have been built two different ways.  One built on speed and defense and the other on out hitting you.  The only thing is if you look at these two teams it looks like they are both from the National League.  So who really knows what will happen tonight and these past numbers really means nothing when it comes down to tonight.

All you need to know is what Bob Knight taught us.  Just sit back and enjoy it.


As everyone probably knows by now the first rankings are out from the College Football Playoff selection committee and the big news around these parts is that Notre Dame only checks in at #10.  Here is the complete rankings.

1. Mississippi State (7-0)

2. Florida State (7-0)

3. Auburn (6-1)

4. Ole Miss (7-1)

5. Oregon (7-1)

6. Alabama (7-1)

7. TCU (6-1)

8. Michigan State (7-1)

9. Kansas State (6-1)

10. Notre Dame (6-1)

11. Georgia (6-1)

12. Arizona (6-1)

13. Baylor (6-1)

14. Arizona State (6-1)

15. Nebraska (7-1)

16. Ohio State (6-1)

17. Utah (6-1)

18. Oklahoma (5-2)

19. LSU (7-2)

20. West Virginia (6-2)

21. Clemson (6-2)

22. UCLA (6-2)

23. East Carolina (6-1)

24. Duke (6-1)

25. Louisville (6-2)

First of all I think it is plain stupid and misguided for the committee to be meeting at this time and releasing any rankings at all.  For one there is so much football to be played.  Two, by releasing the rankings now all it does is paint the committee into a corner down the road.  The only reason I can think of for this exercise is they want full discloser throughout the process and by doing this every week it will be every clear what the committee is valuing and looking at from week to week.  This will only work though if the committee is consistent and does not waiver from their standards from week to week.  But we all know the real reason for it.  It is a money grab by the playoff and ESPN.


OK, the big question on every Notre Dames mind is how do they get from #10 to at least #4?  Well we can continue to pour over the schedule and try to predict the future but lets keep it simple and just play them one week at a time.  Let’s take a look at the three games you should be paying attention to.

1.  TCU @ West Virginia

3:30 ESPN2

The horny toads need to lose and traveling to the worlds biggest family reunion (West Virginia games, I mean they are all related right?) is going to test TCU.  Grab your coon skin cap and invite Red and Ronnie over to root on the Mountaineers

2.  Stanford @ Oregon

7:30 FOX

The Irish need the Ducks to get a 2nd loss and a tough Stanford team might just be the team to do it.  Oregon seems to struggle when a teams punches them in the face and Stanford loves to punch teams right in the teeth.  Go trees!

3.  Utah @ Arizona St.

11:00 FOXS1

The Irish are going to need a few more quality wins and to do so teams like Arizona St. and USC need to win.  Utah has been hot so if ASU could get this win it could set up a match up with Notre Dame of one loss teams.

If these three games go the Irish way they will be at least up to #8 next week with a schedule setting up to help them down the stretch.

Izzo set the bar high, will Crean answer?

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Tom Izzo has always tried to one up himself when it comes to his entrances to the Spartans Midnight Madness.  Last night he might have topped them all.


Tonight the Hoosiers take the court for the first time in front of the Indiana faithful.  It will be interesting to see what they have in store.  Enjoy!

OK, as many of us are still stewing over last weekend’s action it is time to turn the page and look forward to the prize at the end of the season.

Let’s take a look at the teams that still have a chance to make the inaugural college football playoff.


Ole Miss – Like their sister team in Mississippi the Rebels are one of three teams that could afford a loss and still make the Final 4.

Key games remaining – Auburn, Mississippi St., SEC Championship

Mississippi St. – See above but the major difference is their big games remaining are all road games.

Key games remaining – @ Alabama, @ Ole Miss, SEC Championship

Florida St. – Now unlike the two SEC schools above that could definitely lose again and survive I am not so sure if the same is true for the Criminoles.  This team plays no one minus a potential matchup in the ACC Championship game versus a one loss Duke team that could be looking for revenge.  If Winston continues to be Winston, and you know he will, I could see this team get beat against a team like Louisville or Miami and fall out of the top 4.  It might be the only time I root for Louisville.

Key games remaining – ACC Championship


Georgia – This one loss Bulldogs team has been forgotten with all the great teams in the SEC West.  If Georgia runs the table and beats the champ from the West then they will make the Final 4.  I just don’t see happening though.

Key games remaining – Auburn, SEC Championship

Alabama – Role Tide could win out, not have to play in the SEC Championship game and still be in perfect position to make the playoff.

Key games remaining – Mississippi St., Auburn, SEC Championship

Auburn – See Alabama but the remaining schedule is much tougher and like the Tide any remaining loss will have them on the outside looking in.

Key games remaining – Ole Miss, Georgia, Alabama, SEC Championship

Notre Dame – The loss to FSU might sting but will not hurt the Irish come playoff time.  ND has one of the toughest schedules this year but will not have to worry about a potential conference championship game.  With all the games the teams above all play against each other if the Irish win out they will be in.

Key games remaining – @ Arizona St.


This next group will need to win out but going to need some things happen above them.

Michigan St. – Sparty has the best chance of this group.  They need to hope that only one SEC school gets in to increase their chances.

Key games remaining – Ohio St., BIG10 Championship

Ohio St. – This team is on a roll and if they are able to go beat Michigan St. on the road they will be right there in the discussion.

Key games remaining – @ Michigan St., @Minnesota, BIG10 Championship

Kansas St. – Don’t look now but Coach Snyder has his team in the hunt again and you know the committee would love to put the old guy in the Final 4.

Key games remaining – @ TCU, @ Baylor, Big12 Championship

Oregon – Why do I get the feeling that this team might get passed over since they have never been able to win a big game?

Key games remaining – PAC 12 Championship


Baylor – Out of all the teams left on this list they might have the best shot of sneaking in but the Bears are going to have to show they can play defense before the committee takes them seriously.

Key games remaining – Kansas St., Big 12 Championship

Arizona St. – You know that the committee is going to love to put the PAC 12 champion in the Final 4 and the Sun Devils might just be the last team standing.  A win against Notre Dame could give this team the boost they need.

Key games remaining – Notre Dame, @ Arizona, PAC 12 Championship

Arizona – Just the fact they play in the second toughest conference in the country puts them in this group and not the one below.  I would love to see Rich Rod sneak in and give a big double bird to the crew up in Michigan.

Key games remaining – Arizona St., PAC 12 Championship


Duke – The Blue Devils have to hope FSU just rolls through their remaining schedule and is able to do something no one else has done in two years.

Key games remaining – ACC Championship

TCUI don’t see it happening but horny toads are pretty cool.

Key games remaining – Kansas St., Big 12 Championship

Marshall – Everyone has always wanted the little guy to have a voice and this Marshall team is the only small school that has that shot this year.  An undefeated season and a Heisman candidate QB will help them come year end.

Key games remaining – None

Minnesota – I know, I know, but what if I told you the following happens.

  • Ole Miss and Miss St. lose twice
  • Georgia loses to Florida but wins the SEC
  • Ohio St. beats Michigan St. and the Gophers are able to beat the Suckeyes
  • The reaming teams lose a game

The Gophers are in the Final 4.

Key games remaining – Ohio St., BIG10 Championship



Who is the most hated (non-criminal) in sports?

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I have a question for everyone out there.  A question that I can not find a answer for and I need your help.

Is there anyone in this world that has not committed a crime that is universally hated as much as Lane Kiffin?

Most of the time the people we can’t stand in sports are at least loved and defended by their own fans.  When it comes to Lane Kiffin the only person that seems to like this guy is his bimbo wife.

He is so universally hated in the state of Tennessee that he is being used in political attack adds.

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 8.00.31 PM

Tosh.0 has recently made fun of this guy.


Usually people that are this disliked have either raped, murdered, abused animals or raped kids.  But who am I kidding, Ray Rice, Aaron Hernandez, Mike Vick and the Penn St. coaching staff still have fans.  While this guy seems to be on an island all by himself.  I guess he still gets to cash those checks and wake up to this.


And from the number of kids they have I guess she is still giving it up.  The only thing I can think of is this guy made a deal with the devil.  You will be given every dream job in football and the hottest wife you can dream of but you will be hated more than the word moist and ebola.