5 things I would rather do than spend money to watch the Pacers

Posted: October 1, 2014 by jmklee in Uncategorized

So think by Mark Boyle’s twitter feed that training camp has started for the Indiana Pacers.  Don’t worry if you didn’t notice because I don’t think you are alone.  So it got me thinking how there is a 0% chance that I would actually spend money on a ticket to watch the Pacers play this year.  I might go if someone gave me a lower level ticket and they were playing against someone I wanted to see but even then it would be a coin flip.  Let’s put it this way, here are 5 things I would rather do than pay to watch the Pacers play.

1.  Go see Butler or IUPUI play in their new digs

Two historic buildings are getting a facelift.  Hinkle will still host the Bulldogs of course and the Jags will be moving to the newly remodeled Coliseum at the Fairgrounds.


2.  Watch a Peppa Pig marathon with the 5-year-old


3.  Go to a High School basketball game

At $5 a ticket this is the best value you will find anywhere.  Couple that with the high level of talent you see on the court every year in Central Indiana and a box of popcorn and you have all you need.  I love taking the girls and they love to go.  The student body, the crazy parents, the band and cheerleaders.  It is great and for less than $40 we can all go and even get them hopped up on all the sugar they can stand.

4.  Take the wife to a chick flick

No really, the seats are more comfy and I get free refills on my cherry Icee.

5.  Have explosive diarrhea

I can play on my phone and no one is going to try to rush me out of the bathroom.




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