Don’t forget there is a playoff this year!

Posted: October 3, 2014 by jmklee in Uncategorized

October means big boy football in the college world and this weekend is not going to disappoint.  There are many big conference games all over the country that will help shape the birth of the college football 4-team playoff.  We woke to the news that Oregon once again could not take care of business and took one on the chin at home against Rich Rodriguez of all people.  I really enjoyed the old school pic @AZATHLETICS sent out.


So where do we stand?

The way I see it there is still 17 teams that have a realistic shot to make the Final Four.

  • One of these teams will win the SEC West and will be in; Alabama, Auburn, Texas A&M, Ole Miss and Miss St.  Now if a team only has one loss and misses out of the SEC championship game and the West champion beats the SEC East champion the second place team will likely go also.  Especially if their name starts will an “A” and is from the state of Alabama.
  • Georgia and South Carolina will make it if either of these teams wins out and wins the SEC Championship game.
  • Nebraska will go if they run the table.
  • FSU will go if and only if they run the table.
  • I think one of the spots will come down to the Baylor, Oklahoma game if both teams take care of business and does not get tripped up along the way.
  • Notre Dame will be an obvious choice if they run the table but a 1 loss Irish team could also get in depending what happens around them with having played the toughest schedule in the country this year.
  • There are five teams that need to win there remaining games out west to get in.  Oregon, Stanford, UCLA, Arizona St. and USC.  Everyone keeps talking how deep this conference is and if they have a champion from one of these schools and only has one loss they will get a long look.

So there you go, the 17 teams that have a realistic shot.  Now you say who do you think will make it?  Here is my best guess.

  1. Alabama
  2. Oklahoma
  3. Auburn
  4. Notre Dame

I see a Bama – ND rematch from the national title game 2 years ago in one semi and a shootout for the ages between Oklahoma and Auburn.

What ever it ends up being it sure is going to be a fun journey to get there.  And for everyone out there saying the regular season is not going to matter as much if there is a playoff, SHUT IT!  This weekend six of the team above play each other in what could be knock out games.  Oh, and did I mention one Miss Katy Perry will be the guest on College Gameday this Saturday morning?


Makes me wonder where ole Lee Corso will try to stick his head when the time comes.




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