Random thoughts for your rainy Thursday

Posted: October 9, 2014 by jmklee in Uncategorized
  • Did anyone else notice that the NHL season started last night?  If it wasn’t for Twitter I would have had no idea.  I do like hockey but there is no way I will tune in and watch until the made for TV winter classic.  Hockey in person though is great and if you ever get a chance to catch a game do so.  The last NHL game I went to I saw the Gretzky led King’s play the Blues in St. Louis and the highlight of the evening was when they brought out Spuds MacKenzie on the Zamboni.  Shut it, it was the 80’s and we were crazy for that kind of thing.


  • Speaking of crazy…


You’re right Amanda, so smart indeed.  Stick to what you know and take your top off.

  • Am I the only one that is already sick of all the pink the NFL is cramming down our throats like they really give a care about women?  There is part of me that is hoping the Bengals season takes a nosedive just so I can stop watching.
  • BTW, Colts fans.  Let me know how you love these Thursday night games when we all wake up to the weekly injury report.  Clayton Kershaw had more rest in between starts and we all saw how that worked out.
  • So when is Notre Dame going to stop dragging their feet on this investigation?  How long does it take to investigate this and either punish or clear these kids?  The longer it takes the more it looks like the school is covering something up whether they are or not.
  • Am I the only one that thinks that we should refer to Paul George as NC-17 instead of PG-13.  Seems a tad more appropriate to me.  If you disagree just type in Paul George stripper next time you are on the ole Google machine.
  • In a move that caught everyone here in Indy by surprise.  The Indy Star named Gregg Doyle their new sports columnist.  I love reading Gregg and if you have a brain you will too.  He is the only person in sports that thinks Dan Dakich and John Calipari are great men.  Should be fun but I still don’t think it will be enough to actually make me buy a paper.
  • Am I the only one that hopes the new NBA TV deal and all that cash brings a strike that wipes out a season or two?  Just saying.

Alright, I feel better getting that off my chest.  Enjoy your day, it’s almost Friday!



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