Three games all Notre Dame fans should watch this weekend

Posted: October 28, 2014 by jmklee in Uncategorized


As everyone probably knows by now the first rankings are out from the College Football Playoff selection committee and the big news around these parts is that Notre Dame only checks in at #10.  Here is the complete rankings.

1. Mississippi State (7-0)

2. Florida State (7-0)

3. Auburn (6-1)

4. Ole Miss (7-1)

5. Oregon (7-1)

6. Alabama (7-1)

7. TCU (6-1)

8. Michigan State (7-1)

9. Kansas State (6-1)

10. Notre Dame (6-1)

11. Georgia (6-1)

12. Arizona (6-1)

13. Baylor (6-1)

14. Arizona State (6-1)

15. Nebraska (7-1)

16. Ohio State (6-1)

17. Utah (6-1)

18. Oklahoma (5-2)

19. LSU (7-2)

20. West Virginia (6-2)

21. Clemson (6-2)

22. UCLA (6-2)

23. East Carolina (6-1)

24. Duke (6-1)

25. Louisville (6-2)

First of all I think it is plain stupid and misguided for the committee to be meeting at this time and releasing any rankings at all.  For one there is so much football to be played.  Two, by releasing the rankings now all it does is paint the committee into a corner down the road.  The only reason I can think of for this exercise is they want full discloser throughout the process and by doing this every week it will be every clear what the committee is valuing and looking at from week to week.  This will only work though if the committee is consistent and does not waiver from their standards from week to week.  But we all know the real reason for it.  It is a money grab by the playoff and ESPN.


OK, the big question on every Notre Dames mind is how do they get from #10 to at least #4?  Well we can continue to pour over the schedule and try to predict the future but lets keep it simple and just play them one week at a time.  Let’s take a look at the three games you should be paying attention to.

1.  TCU @ West Virginia

3:30 ESPN2

The horny toads need to lose and traveling to the worlds biggest family reunion (West Virginia games, I mean they are all related right?) is going to test TCU.  Grab your coon skin cap and invite Red and Ronnie over to root on the Mountaineers

2.  Stanford @ Oregon

7:30 FOX

The Irish need the Ducks to get a 2nd loss and a tough Stanford team might just be the team to do it.  Oregon seems to struggle when a teams punches them in the face and Stanford loves to punch teams right in the teeth.  Go trees!

3.  Utah @ Arizona St.

11:00 FOXS1

The Irish are going to need a few more quality wins and to do so teams like Arizona St. and USC need to win.  Utah has been hot so if ASU could get this win it could set up a match up with Notre Dame of one loss teams.

If these three games go the Irish way they will be at least up to #8 next week with a schedule setting up to help them down the stretch.


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