The numbers tell us who will win game 7 but should we trust them?

Posted: October 29, 2014 by jmklee in Uncategorized


If you are only going to watch one baseball game all year tonight is your night.  GAME 7 baby!  In the history of the World Series there has been 36 that have gone to a deciding game 7.  The big question is, who has the advantage?

At first look one would say there is only a small advantage of being the home team in this game.  The home team has a 19 – 17 record in these games dating back to the first game 7 in 1909 when the Pittsburgh Pirates beat the Detroit Tigers.  Taking a closer look though the KC Royals looks to be the team to bet the house on.

From that first game 7 in 1909 through 1947 the home team was 7-4.  Not much in terms of any trends and they were playing with a balled up sock for a ball in most of those games anyway so it doesn’t matter.

From 1952 to 1979 the road team dominated.  During this time there was 16 game 7’s played and the road team won 13 of these games.  Then the winds of change set in.  Starting with the 1982 game 7 between St. Louis and Milwaukee, the home team has won the last 9 game 7’s.  That’s right, the home team has not lost a game 7 since the We Are Family, Pirates won the ’79 series.



Is it because the All-Star game decided now how will host game 7?  No way, don’t bring Bud into this.  Is it because one league has dominated?  No, the NL has won 5 and the AL 4 of these game 7’s.  The reason is a simple one.  The DH.

The designated hitter was adopted by the American League in 1973.  Since then the team that hosts game 7 and gets to play by their leagues rules are 10 – 2.  The two National League teams that were able to over come the rule difference were probably the two best hitting teams the National League has ever had in the ’75 Big Red Machine and the ’79 Pirates.  Since then the NL and AL teams have been built two different ways.  One built on speed and defense and the other on out hitting you.  The only thing is if you look at these two teams it looks like they are both from the National League.  So who really knows what will happen tonight and these past numbers really means nothing when it comes down to tonight.

All you need to know is what Bob Knight taught us.  Just sit back and enjoy it.


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